Taking Stock – 15

Can you say hibernation??? Or hermit? Because that is exactly what I have been for the past two months – a hermit in hibernation. Sorry for the long silence but I was in full on study mode getting my dissertation done. I have done nothing but write, design, research, write and design some more for eight weeks straight. I’m finally done though, submitted my project yesterday and now I don’t know what to do with myself haha.

Making: mental to-do lists about all the things I need to get done in the next week.

Cooking: I haven’t cooked recently but the last thing I made was a bomb beef and broccoli stir fry! I can still taste it now.

Drinking: Water

Reading: Just about to dig into Yaa Gyasi’s Homegoing. I have heard so much about it I had to get myself a copy.

Looking: For ways to make extra money this summer.

Playing: Words with Friends, join me folks!

Wasting: So much time trying to figure out what to do with my hair. I think I’ll just sit with it as it is, I’m too unbothered to start taking out the braids, redo them, and take them out again in month’s time when I go back home. So it’s decided, these braids will have to sit tight for another month. Sorry hair.

Creating: More like trying to create a super fun yet affordable itinerary for my first solo trip next week!

Wishing: Someone somewhere could see the signs as clearly as I do.

Enjoying: The fact that I have no more school related things to do anymore! Is this what freedom feels like? I love it.

Waiting: For next week like… Get here already haha.

Liking: My blossoming friendship with someone I never thought I could relate to but look at us now – yes to new friends, always.

Wondering: About my future now that I’m done with school. It’s a scary feeling. Nerve racking even. Trying to compose my anxiety levels as I write this actually.

Loving: London and the people I have met here. I wasn’t a fan of the place a semester ago but this year I decided to be more open-minded and give it a second chance. So far so good, despite the crazy expenses, I’ve managed to really enjoy myself here.

Hoping: For the rest of the year to progress as well or even better than it has in the past seven months.

Marvelling: At the turn the US election race has taken. When Trump announced his mission to run for president, I laughed. The whole world laughed. We said it doesn’t matter how much money he has, he cant be president. Now though… I can’t even believe that he actually has a legitimate chance at the job. My American friends, please… I know Hillary may not be your cup of tea for most of you but you know just as well as I do, she’s better off in the Oval office than her racist, uncultured counterpart. Vote wisely.

Needing: A job. Anyone wanna hire a writer? Or an editor? I promise I’m worth your time.

Smelling: Crisp fresh air. London has been ridiculously humid in the past few weeks but today, it’s overcast skies and cold drafts all round and I actually love it. Now if the sun could show up for a bit, it would be just the right mix of cosy weather.

Wearing: A grey sweater dress and leggings.

Following: A lot of travel writers/bloggers and travel enthusiasts to get inspiration and write a lot more on the travel scene.

Noticing: That Kenya is losing its marbles when it comes to this thing of schools burning every other day situation. Why is nothing being done about this?

Knowing: That no matter, God has got me. Anxiety, paranoia, stress and all. He knows what will come out of all this uncertainty in my life right now.

Thinking: About the weekend, heading out to Coventry in a few hours, excited to get out of town and be in any other company than my own finally.

Feeling: Great because I’m not only done with school forever, but it is also one of my best friend’s birthday today and as much as I’m not there with her, I feel great knowing that this is yet another year added onto our friendship and I’m looking forward to many more.

Bookmarking: The New York Times web page. I recently subscribed to their site and I need to keep reminding myself to read from it every day. Twitter can not be my only news source!

Opening: Wedding websites, need to find a design for my bridesmaid dress for @wild_succulent’s wedding.

Giggling: At my mother’s shopping addiction. She needs to calm down.


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