Taking Stock – 16

End of summer vibes people! How are you doing? Hope well and taking in the very last rays of the sun before fall descends upon us here in Europe in a few weeks. To those back home in Kenya I’m sure you’re just counting down the days to the end of the cold season there, and I’ll be home soon too so guess I get a double summer this year, whoop! Anyway, that aside, let’s see what the past month has been like…

Making: A lot of new friends of late. It’s actually alarming how overly social I’ve become. I never used to be that way and probably this whole journalist lifestyle has something to do with it. Not complaining though, met some interesting people thanks to being brave enough to go beyond just exchanging pleasantries.

Cooking: Going to make some beef broccoli today, I can already taste the malt vinegar haha!

Drinking: Tropicana Orange juice – best pick me up for such a hot day.

Reading: HARRY POTTER and the cursed child! Book #8 in the HP franchise and J.K Rowling yet again has succeeded in sucking me into her magical vortex. 100 pages down and if I keep this speed up, you may just have a review by next week.

Looking: For a really good juicer. The detox that will be needed after this summer…

Playing: Words with friends with not just my brother anymore, yay! The bestie @sonniekbby joined the party and is still yet to win me.

Wasting: No time in indulging in the awesomeness that is Frank Ocean’s new album. It was definitely worth the wait.

Creating: An interesting routine of all work and some play even though I’m technically on summer break. I just really hate being idle so I still make sure I have an 8-5 schedule every weekday with things to do to fill out the time instead of sitting in bed and watching Netflix. TV time is reserved for night-time. This has helped me get a lot done actually that I’ve been wanting to do all year long and just never had the time.

Wishing: Beyonce could just add me to her dance crew. Did ya’ll see the VMA’s though??? For all those who missed out on the formation tour, there you go… free concert on MTV courtesy of the queen herself. You’re welcome.

Enjoying: Nurturing the few yet invaluable friendships I have with some of my dearest friends. Don’t ever neglect your friends people, they need you just as much as you need them.

Waiting: Anxiously for some news that I hope will work out in my favour.

Liking: A lot of ice tea nowadays. I used to hate it because tea should really never be taken cold but when the humidity level is at an all time high… you make some exceptions. The Teavana brands at Starbucks are really doing it for me this summer.

Wondering: Why some people do the things they do.

Loving: The plot development on Power, it gets better with each episode!

Hoping: For a great start to the last quarter of the year, it’s been a great eight months so far, let’s keep up that streak shall we?

Marvelling: At all the historic beauty I got to see in the eternal city of Rome. It’s been a good month since my time there and I still think about it from time to time especially because it’s incredible how structures that have been there since before Christ being on earth, are still standing strong and statuesque. I think for the most part it’s God preserving that city for the special place that it is and I couldn’t be more grateful to have gotten a chance to experience it for myself.

Needing: An entire day in a salon to do all things hair and nails. So yes, I still need an entire spa day. I don’t think this part will ever change until said spa day actually happens.

Smelling: M&Ms. Just had some.

Wearing: Shorts and a tank top – my summer uniform.

Following: I was following the olympics quite intently until it ended about a week ago. Love watching competitive sports.

Noticing: My ever depleting source of patience.

Knowing: That sometimes patience doesn’t pay and when that happens, you are within your right to persist.

Thinking: About doing a post on self-love. It’s something that has been weighing heavily on my mind for a couple of months especially because I have been on this self-love journey all year… I want to share how important it is, but I just need to find the right words to say.

Feeling: Withdrawals from yesterday’s carnival at Nottinghill! It’s quite an experience that anyone who visits/lives in London needs to partake in at least once.

Bookmarking: Netflix for one more week as I’m finally about to complete the very last season of Gilmore girls!

Opening: This super dope video of a Nigerian & Jamaican wedding that Sonnie told me about, I need my wedding to be this turnt, looks like it was such a blast.

Giggling: At the #ifafricawasaschool hashtag taking over the internets and yes, Kenyans would always be the ones winning in P.E athletics.


Happy last week of summer everyone!



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