Book Club Tuesdays – Harry Potter and the cursed child

‘The truth is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with great caution.’ – Dumbledore

So before I start can I just say thank you J.K Rowling for making my summer complete, one last installment to my favourite book series is just what I needed to end #summer16 on a great note.

Okay now for the real deal on the eighth Harry Potter book. Everyone knows I’m the biggest potterhead out there and then some but I will do my best and not be soooo biased. I didn’t know what to expect when I got the book. Cursed child? Harry at 40? A world without Dumbledore, Snape and one half of the Weasley twins? What exactly was Miss Rowling going to do with this scenario?? As soon as Harry’s second son Albus got sorted into Slytherin and NOT Gryffindor, that’s when I knew there’s something about this kid… He’s going to make or break this entire story. (I apologize for the spoiler, there’s no more ahead I promise!)

This book was received with mixed feelings by us muggles, mostly because it skips an entire two decades and we jump right into Harry, Ron and Hermione in their late 30s/early 40s trying to be good parents and upstanding citizens in the magical realm. So the book reads more mature content and less magical hoopla which I actually like. It’s now more of a novel than a ride through a magical adventure with the turn of every page, which may not sit well with kids but with us who have literally grown up with Harry and Co, we get it.

This is my first time reading an entire script for a play and I was not too happy about that at first (the direct dialogue can get frustrating) but it helps the reader really envision the stage, the presentation, and even the actors and actresses. Though imagining real people travelling from one place to the other using Floo powder may be a stretch but if you’ve read the books and watched the films then you know what I mean. The script reads amazingly well once you get used to the fact that it is an actual play and it even has some comedy to it, Ron Weasley being the ring leader of corny statements.

I completely love the story line, I had my own convictions as to who the cursed child was and by the time I was halfway through, my thoughts had changed again and more than halfway through, I had a different suspect again… The end result will astound you, never saw that coming for quite a while. I just have one question though for J.K Rowling – How is Professor McGonagall still alive?? Minerva seems to have the same zeal and energy she had in the past books and if she was already quite aged while Harry and the rest were still at Hogwarts, how has she lasted these last two decades? I need whatever youth potion you gave her because it seems like she’s immortal and we just don’t know it.

The plot twists are as great as I expected them to be and I was really happy to be brought back into the world of magical suspense. The story focuses a lot on the various relationships formed such as Harry and his son, Harry’s son and Draco’s son, Draco’s son and Hermione’s daughter, Harry and Draco’s relationship as well as Harry’s ties to Voldemort. The story unravels through dialogue and we learn a lot about other characters such as Cedric Diggory, Neville Longbottom, even moaning myrtle gets a short cameo through the well written dialogue between the main characters.

I didn’t want it to end and if the script alone was this captivating, I can only imagine how the actual play would be like. It’s too bad I’m leaving London soon and won’t get to see it live, maybe a movie will be considered for the potterheads in the diaspora? Or a film of the play? #someonetelljkrowling… I’m glad she did not make this book too similar to the seven novels, it would have been a bit excessive if she did and may not have worked out as well and she’d have to keep writing books for years and years until the last of the Harry potter’s kids was done with all four years of Hogwarts haha.

I love the Harry Potter story and the entire franchise but this book/play should be the end of a really long chapter. I may want all things magic to go on forever but there’s not much she can do to this story after this last book. Unless she wants to write about Harry, Ron and Hermione still trying to save the world from their wheelchairs, in an elderlys home in Godric’s Hollow – just no. This should be it and we as potterheads have happily accepted this symbolic ending to a most wonderful book series. It’s sad to know that that is it for Harry but it’s also nice to know how well it turned out for them after Hogwarts, marriage, kids and all.

If there’s anyone who’s watched the play, please comment below and let us know how it was and if you have read the book as well, let me know your thoughts especially on Professor McGonagall’s ageless life!


Rating: 10/10 (I tried not to be biased guys, but Harry potter is my fave so…:))


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