Taking Stock – 17

Talk about a hiatus! It’s been what, two months now? I’m sorry y’all, I really am. I have so much to talk about (read write about) but the time to do it though?? So I recently moved back home to Kenya from London about 1.5 months ago and the whole adjusting and get right into work thing took over my life for a while hence my silence on here.

I finally have some breathing room and figured I should catch up on the past month and prepare some great content for the future so without further ado…

Making: A lot of lists in my head. I want to do so much but I also know I need to be practical about each thing and take it one step at a time.

Cooking: I have not cooked AT ALL since I got back haha. I started working immediately so my days start at 5am and end at 10pm everyday so I’m even lucky if I find any dinner at home. I want to do some baking this weekend though so I guess that could count? Will let you know if it actually happens (aka check my IG on Saturday).

Drinking: Coffee! Best way to wake up in the morning.

Reading: SIGH. Even my first love reading has taken a back seat thanks to my busy schedule. I started reading Uwem Akpan’s ‘Say You’re One of Them’ on my flight back from London. Since then I have only read one more chapter – one month later. This is so bad, I need to make some time to read more.

Looking: For happiness. Odd thing to look for right? I thought I’d be ecstatic especially being back home with family and friends but I still feel empty of sorts and I’m not sure why…

Playing: With my health so badly… Been eating the worst foods and don’t even get me started on my lack of exercising, sigh. I feel the downward spiral coming and coming fast – *chugs a glass of lemon water*

Wasting: A lot of time watching Quantico. @Chef_pinchito you were right – it’s gotten too complicated that it’s no longer interesting. I watched one episode in three intervals one day, just to actually complete it. You used to be my fave Quantico but you are now slowly losing my vote.

Creating: A plan for the next three years and I’m really liking it so far.

Wishing: For clarity. Clarity in some of my relationships, in my work, in my life. I wish things could be as simple as I envision them to be but if wishes were horses… You know the rest.

Enjoying: Being home. Despite my earlier sentiments on feeling empty, there is always something about being home that makes it better than any other place in the world. I love my home, I love my country and if I were given a choice, I’d still choose the chaotic Nairobi streets any day:)

Waiting: On lunchtime to get here because hunger.

Liking: The energy and buzz of people back home. A lot of my friends are really grinding out there and it’s so good to see productivity all over.

Wondering: What I shall wear for graduation which is literally one month away!! Any tips ladies?

Loving: Fall Tv right now. My current favourite shows are Queen Sugar (Oprah can do no wrong), This is Us (the feels man!) and Insecure by my fave YouTuber turned TV actress Issa Rae. If you haven’t checked out these shows yet, please do and let me know your thoughts. I hear that Atlanta is another one I should try but I shall save it for the holidays, I can barely keep up with the insane number of shows I watch right now.

Hoping: For a lot. But what I really need to do is keep the hope alive, I’ve been losing my hope and faith in some things lately and that’s usually not me. So I guess I’m hoping to remain hopeful for better things to come.

Marvelling: At how good Kenyans are at calling out BS especially on social media. You can’t mess with us haha!

Needing: Okay so I finally got my hair did, nails etc so I’m good on that end FINALLY. But I’m def in need of a new pedicure. If you see me out in these streets please refrain from looking at my feet haha and if you do, I apologize in advance for the ghastly site…

Smelling: Coffee:)

Wearing: An ankara skirt, white tee, black blazer.

Following: I have followed a lot of people lately but the coolest by far has got to be Miss Tami Roman from Basketball Wives LA. Yes I watch ratchet tv, don’t judge me! She is the realest celebrity out there and she has this page called #BonnetChronicles that lets people know not to try her life haha. She speaks some real truth on there but in such a hilarious way you can’t help but laugh while saying “Preach Girl” all at the same time.

Noticing: My lack of patience with people who waste my time. I used to be the nice person who’d be super patient but I think that supply of patience has all been used up – don’t waste my time, I will not be happy.

Knowing: That timing is everything. What I want to happen now may not be happening but some things I never thought would happen, are actually happening so – timing. Everything happens at the time it’s meant to happen and not when you want it to.

Thinking: About too much. There needs to be a pause button in our brains somewhere to stop us from overthinking so much.

Feeling: Confused about some things and some people. Hmmm… That clarity I wished for above could come in handy right now.

Bookmarking: not really bookmarking but more like subscribing to the coolest podcast I have listened to yet! Deeper Sounds of Nairobi, hosted by DJ Jack Rooster from Homeboyz radio Nairobi (no this is not an ad) is a podcast that plays all the afro house and dance music you could ever want to hear. As Tami Roman says… Get into it. You’ll thank me later.

Opening: A separate wordpress account because I need to edit my work on She Leads Africa… Yes I am now a contributing writer for this innovative and inspiring platform and I have two pieces up already, check them out when you can!

Giggling: At the memes that have come as a result of this picture below – possibly the cutest kid ever. I found out his name is Jake and this photo was taken as he was really focused on his colouring haha. Jake is the darling of social media now here in Africa and he makes me smile and the memes get me bursting out in laughter every day. Posted some below for your amusement pleasure, enjoy and have a great last week of October!

Image by Carlos Cortes/Solomon Adufah

Image by Carlos Cortes/Solomon Adufah





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