Typewriter Tuesdays – I’m Judging You

‘Privilege comes in many forms, and being popular is one of them.’ – Luvvie Ajayi

After about four months of barely reading anything I’m finally back on my usual routine of actually completing a book before an entire month expires. With time I’ll soon be back on the one book per two weeks steeze too – watch this space. But I digress…

One of my favourite bloggers, writers, social media personality’s – Miss Luvvie Ajayi of the popular Awesomely Luvvie site put it in the universe a few years ago that she would write a book one day and that day came in 2015. Fast forward one year later and not only did the book debut to a huge crowd of side-eyeing followers aka Luvv Nation and the rest of the world, it also rose up the ranks and got on the coveted New York Times bestseller’s list. Being an avid reader of her blog for about four years now, I knew this book would be everything it actually is – FUNNY AF. Also witty, smart, insightful and endearing.

Luvvie is described as someone who says what you’re thinking but dared not to because you have a filter and a job to protect. If that isn’t the most appropriate description ever, I don’t know what is. The book is a compilation of all the things in life that give her joy, that piss her off and that really just make her wonder why humans were given a brain to start with. Some topics that really related with me were her chapters on friendship, rape culture, social media, racism, privilege. There’s so much more going on within all 238 pages of the book but I really recommend taking heed of those sections.

If you have ever read her blog, you know very well how Luvvie writes. She sounds like one of my girlfriends who have an opinion on almost everything but not in that annoying snobbish way. It comes across as a calling out, a teachable moment if you may. The writing style in the book is just the same, albeit with a lot more explanations to her witty sayings that only the Luvv nation has come to understand like summagoat, love pocket and Haysoos – yes that last one is her version of the Spanish pronunciation of Jesus. She expounds on topics that every person in this day and age experiences and lets us know how to deal with said situations. She questions a number of things that you know you and I question too but won’t ever bring up like why is it every time a plane lands, the person way at the back is the first to jump up to leave yet they know they have to wait for the entire plane to disembark first?? And you know someone’s being extra with updating every single thing that happens in their not so interesting lives.

She discusses the impossible standards that society bestows on us on beauty, racism, homophobia, sexism and other social issues. She tells us how we can do better, be more considerate of others as well remember that those with privilege have a duty to acknowledge said privilege and not look down or oppress those without the same advantage. For a first time author, she’s done pretty well for herself. She has been working tirelessly promoting the book and has been rewarded for her hardwork by getting her book turned into a comedy series by none other than the Queen of prime time TV – Shonda Rhimes.

If you want to have your sense of judgement justified, get this book. If you want to have a laugh at all the craziness that happens in our world right now, read this book. If you simply just want to get to know what Luvvie and pop culture is all about – invest in this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and got some great takeaways from it too, hope you will too.


Rating: 8/10


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