The Brunch Series: Sweet Chick

The Brunch life has taken me all the way to New York City in search of some good food. Also, I just happened to be in the city earlier this month and had to partake in a New Yorker pastime – Brunch.

Hello lovely people, this post has been a long time coming and I blame it all on myself and procrastination and this January heat and njaanuary blues and Nairobi traffic and and and…. okay I got nothing else. It’s just my fault. And today I have really given myself the pep talks of pep talks to get this out in good time this week because 2018 is the year of consistency and discipline.

Okay enough digressing. So let’s rewind to new year’s day about four weeks ago. I had just woken up from THE BEST SLEEP I have had in a really long time and my calendar reminded me that I was to meet with my friend Jalisa that day. She had recommended Sweet Chick, which was perfect because it’s a place that was on my list of places to check out in NY.  Unfortunately, the day before, had been one of the coldest days in the city, a good -14 degrees celsius which is ridiculous and the energy and mental preparation to step outside was something my friend Sheila and I really didn’t want to do. But also, I was hungry and I love brunch so food won. Food always wins. If you want me to do anything – just make sure there’s food involved, I will really show up.

Sweet Chick is a sweet little southern eatery in New York with locations in Williamsburg, Lower East Side and Prospect Heights and they also have a location in Los Angeles. I happened to be staying in Brooklyn so we went to the Williamsburg branch. I found it quite small but probably that’s because it was really packed so my claustrophobic self felt squeezed. Once it emptied up it felt more comfortable. The hostess alerted us that it would be a good 1.5hrs wait to be seated (take note that the wait time is quite long because the restaurant is still quite the popular spot), so she took down my number and scheduled us in line in their database, saying she would call once a spot opens up.

That’s one thing I still don’t understand about restaurants in the US… Lines winding down the block? In the dead of winter? Nah fam, Africans don’t have that patience haha. We will be patient enough though – to wait for the hype to die down then go to the place when you don’t have to waste precious time waiting to be seated. Once we were seated and served though, I really understood why everyone wanted to come eat there. The food is superb to say the least. Sweet Chick prides itself in being a place that serves American cuisine with a southern accent and that they do very well. They have quite an extensive menu with weekday brunch options, weekend brunch options and I really hate that I missed out on trying out their dinner menu because it has so many different variations of the classic Chicken & Waffles like Salted Caramel Chicken & Waffles which sounds like heaven on a plate.

I had their classic Chicken & Waffles ($16), so did Jalisa and Sheila had Eggs Benedict (which was a special for that day). They have healthy portions and the food came with a side of five different types of butter. FIVE. I didn’t even know you could make different butters but America being America, anything really is possible. I can’t remember all the flavours but I know there was a strawberry butter because it was the only pink one and there was a lemon and herb one too. Jalisa urged me to try their mac & cheese which was so gooey and so cheesy and so fresh. So much southern goodness y’all. I didn’t eat anything else that day – didn’t eat at all until lunch time the next day, that’s how satisfied I was. The buttermilk waffles were covered in a light icing and were so airy and tender, the chicken was seasoned so well I wanted to ask the Chef to give me the name of every single spice so I could bring some home with me… but I forgot. Oh well. The fact that I can remember how good that food tasted four weeks after having it really tells you the impression it leaves on customers.

Fun-fact: Sweet Chick is co-owned by Nas, rapper extraordinaire and that’s actually how I came to know about it. His cousin, Blackish star Yara Shahidi was always posting about it on her Instagram and I said if I’m ever in NYC, I have to check it out.

I don’t know when I’ll go back to New York again but when I do, I’m definitely doing the dinner menu next time, just to sample some of their signature waffles like bacon-cheddar and apple cinnamon. I don’t know about the broccoli waffle but it could be worth a try. Anyway, to wrap this up – this is an excellent place to have brunch in the big apple, ambience is so homey and comfortable, the service is good, the staff were very nice to us but when it’s busy they get a tad slow and the food is amazing. It may run you a pretty penny if you try more than one item like me… so go prepared to spend some coins and tell me what you think about it.

Local brunch reviews shall resume in about a month or so – because January, Kenyans understand this perfectly.

Until next time, Happy brunching!


Sweet Chick

164 Bedford Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11211


Monday – Friday: 11am – 2am (last seating at 1:30am)

Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 2am (last seating at 1:30am)


Feature image


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