The Brunch Series: VCR

Another week, another new brunch spot to be discovered!

VCR is a cool spot that I discovered while on a work trip in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I didn’t even think I would have time for brunch throughout my time here since my colleagues and I were very busy with work but – I found a way to get some downtime and spent it exploring KL. What better way to start exploring than with a good brunch to start off a day of adventure, yes?? Yes!

I had the weekend off and my friend, Mary, was visiting from Thailand so we had a full weekend planned. First off – brunch. I did a lot of research of some of the best spots in KL for breakfast/brunch and out of the all the places I saw, VCR really intrigued me. First, because of it’s name – such a cool name. Apparently it was named that because it occupies a space that used to be a movie rental shop where I guess people would rent VCRs? I’m assuming this was quite a long time ago as VCRs are barely in use anymore.

The VCR cafe is conveniently located in the heart of KL, right between Chinatown and Bukit Binang and it was a quick six minute uber ride from where we were staying. When we first got there, I really thought we had the wrong place because it was just a corner shop painted in all black, I couldn’t see a sign anywhere. But upon walking to the door, I saw their iconic resident black cat that everyone talked about online when I looked it up and knew I was in the right place. Hopefully you can tell by now that I’m really a cat person because the cat assured me I was right where I needed to be.

ImageĀ credit

VCR is a quaint, small cafe that comes alive once inside. It was quite busy when we walked in and a hostess guided us upstairs to find some seating space. One thing to note – seeing as it’s quite small, if you have a large party with you, it’s best you find seating upstairs first before ordering because one person will have to come back down to order from the cashier – you can’t give your order to the waiter/waitress. I loved the upper floor better than the ground floor mostly because of the huge floor to ceiling windows which allowed for immense light to come in (y’all know that light is important for all the Instagram photoshoots that happen in restaurants) and also provided a fantastic view of the flora and fauna surrounding the cafe. It gave a nice calming vibe to the restaurant.

Image credit – TimeOut

Having been out partying the night before, we were yearning for some really filling food and this place did not disappoint at all. I had the VCR big breakfast ($9) which included: House made stewed beans, chicken chipolata, grilled tomatoes, mushroom friccasse, two free range eggs in any style on sourdough toast, beef bacon or turkey ham. I switched out the eggs for salad because I don’t eat eggs and chose to have beef bacon instead of turkey ham. VCR is a pork free environment, as are a lot of places in Malaysia I came to find out. My friends had the Turkish style eggs ($7) and Quiche. I of course had a coffee with this, a latte ($3) to be exact and this was a latte like no other – it was perfect. I always have a problem with lattes because it either has too much coffee, or too much milk or too much sugar added, but this – this was such a perfect single latte, if it wasn’t 30+ degrees outside I’d have ordered another to go. VCR is a place well known mostly for their delectable coffee blends.

The food was fresh and sumptuous and filling. Exactly what we needed. I’ve never had beef bacon before so this was a first and I didn’t mind it at all. The sourdough bread was toasted just right and was brought to us with warm, butter still melting within it, so yum! For dessert – yes we had room for dessert, or more like we forced room for this beautiful piece of cake called the Black Velvet Cake ($3.30). This is also something I had seen in all the reviews about this place, everyone was raving about this cake and how good it was so I had to try it. I’m only aware of red velvet cake but black?? Interesting and oh so delish! Super moist and super velvety, if that’s even the right term. It tasted like chocolate fudge and red velvet combined with something else to make a masterpiece of a cake. And that cream cheese frosting y’all… made in house by the way, not store bought, perfectly whipped, chilled and layered onto this cake. So. Damn. Good. I should have really gone back for more but portion control is key.

The head chef of VCR is trained in France and made a menu inspired by his training as well as his travels around the world, bringing a world class style menu to a little coffee shop sitting on the corner of a street in Kuala Lumpur, kudos to you chef Ivan.

My weekend after such a brunch was so amazing and I’m going to say it’s because we had a great start to the day. Thank you VCR for providing great food, great ambience and great service. If you are ever in KL and are looking for a place to have brunch with friends or just a place to sit and have a coffee while working, this is definitely a place you should try out.

Until next time, Happy brunching!


2 Jalan Galloway
50150 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
+60 3-2110 2330

Open from 8:30 – 11pm daily




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