#WhenInNanyuki… Have lunch at the Trout Tree Restaurant

The wanderlust bug has bit me hard in 2018, travelling is literally all I think about and work towards nowadays. Took a quick little trip up to the leafy areas of Central Kenya, Nanyuki town in particular.

Some friends and I went there for a weekend and had such a great time bonding with each other, with nature and enjoying what Laikipia County had to offer. Of course, top of the list was finding great places to eat, and that we did in the form of Trout Tree restaurant.

This vast restaurant, a 2.5hr drive from Nairobi – is built within a fig tree, and located along the Burguret River, right by the western slopes of Mt Kenya; it is 13km away from Nanyuki town. With a huge trout skeleton acting as the restaurant insignia, it’s not hard to miss while driving along the main Kiganjo Nanyuki road. I had heard about Trout Tree before and was so eager to try it out immediately we got to Nanyuki, but we saved it for our last day which was a great decision on our part.

Come here ready to get your hands dirty because one of the main attractions of the dining experience here is doing actual fishing for the trout you will eventually eat, if you’re as lucky as we are. Well we didn’t technically fish for the exact fish we ate, we went fishing for their babies which was still a great time – seeing what it takes to feed a restaurant of up to 60 people everyday. As you walk up the tree to get seated by some of the nicest waiting staff I have come across yet, you can’t help but notice the perfect serene ambience that envelopes the entire place. Comfy couches are nestled nicely at the far end of the restaurant and dining tables set up meticulously invite you for a great time ahead with your friends/family.

Image source – traveldiaries.wordpress.com


The menu is quite simple which helps one not waste time because generally all anyone is here for is the perfectly char-grilled Trout. If it’s a repeat visit, you may want to try something else like the Lamb, Salmon Sashimi, various pasta, pizza and vegetarian dishes. We all ordered the trout, a mix of tandoori and the classic char-grilled, I loved the tandoori best because I like a lick of spice in my food. It comes with either a choice of roast potatoes or french fries, a skewer of vegetables and a side of well done spinach. The trout dishes cost KSH1700 ($17) and they have a wide selection of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic as well.



Take note of the resident Colobus monkeys who are notorious for pinching food off your plate when no one’s watching and cute Tree Hyrax who roam about, giving the restaurant a perfect ‘in the wild’ feel. My friends and I really enjoyed our time here immensely, even after the rain came down quite heavily, it didn’t dampen our spirits. We left there happy, full and ready for the drive back to Nairobi and back to reality after a great weekend break from the city. Thank you Trout Tree for your great food and even better service, I definitely recommend it for anyone visiting Nanyuki anytime soon.

The Nanyuki Crew



Hours: M – F: 10am to 4:30pm

Tel: +254726281704



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