The Brunch Series: Negril Village

Brunch has been such a rumour in my life for the past couple months hence the lack of a review in forever BUT holiday season is upon us and with that comes a need for a brunch or two no?

Took a quick trip to Atlanta, Georgia (sikuwa Nyeri for my Kenyan fam lol) for Thanksgiving with my cousins out there and some friends. And y’all know me by now… I’m always on the lookout for a good brunch sesh, whether solo or with company, brunch must be had.

Negril Village is a place that comes highly recommended by Atl folk and international folk as well according to reviews I saw before deciding on it – I usually pick places based on people’s experience there. What I did not know was how popular this place is and popular restaurants in America are usually a pain to get in to, what with the insane lines you may find outside their door, or tables being booked up to a week in advance – foodies in America do the damn thing when it comes to hyped food spots. A friend of mine warned me to make a reservation earlier in the week if I wanted to get us a table for Saturday which is one of their most busy days, Sunday being the busiest. I could only get a 10am slot – I really wanted late morning, almost midday but the early birds got there before me, oh well 10 am it is, can’t be that bad right?… Wrong. We went out the night before, got home at 6am and managing to wake up 3hrs later to make it there by 10 was such a struggle!! But we gradually did make it by like 10:30 and still had our table, phewww.

Okay back to the review. Negril Village is a Caribbean restaurant, getting its name from Negril town in Jamaica. It is quite a large franchise with branches in Brooklyn and Manhattan, NY and now Atlanta. I have been to the New York one but not for brunch, so this was a first for me here. Located in the heart of midtown, the restaurant took occupancy of an old fire station and renovated it into the classic Caribbean set up it has now.

The menu is very extensive and the brunch menu in particular listed so many mouth-watering options such as Banana Foster French Toast, Jerk Chicken & Waffles, and curried goat among so much more. Luckily, I had company so everyone ordered something different and I got to taste various dishes. I settled on Jerk Chicken and Waffles ($21) because what’s brunch without waffles?? And a side of cornbread ($6) with their super delicious guava butter. My friend had the Negril’s Oxtails ($24) which come with rice & peas, plantains, and lima beans gravy and she had a side of mac & cheese ($8). They serve very healthy portions and the food was so good, so worth the price. That jerk chicken fam – just the right amount of jerk spice and I love that the waffles weren’t annoyingly doughy, I like fluffy waffles. The cornbread and that magic guava butter, best thing since sliced bread. We obviously could not finish it all and had to carry doggy bags to add to the already large amount of leftovers we had from Thanksgiving dinner the day before – ate leftovers for next three days guys, don’t judge me.

The service by the waitresses was really great, the host though was anything but courteous. I didn’t take down his name because I was just done with his attitude – Negril, please tell whoever was hosting during Thanksgiving week, he needs to be nicer to the customers.

Negril is also well known for its rum punch and boozy brunches – which I didn’t experience at 10am of course but I’m told it’s really a party in there when you do brunch in the afternoon and evening hours, especially on Sundays. Overall, I think Negril Village is worth all the hype it’s been getting and that food – such distinct flavours and spices, will keep their name locked on your go-to places for brunch in the A anytime you visit.

Until next time, happy brunching!


Negril Village Atlanta

30 North Avenue, Atlanta GA 30308


T – F (lunch): 11am – 4pm

T – Th (dinner): 4pm – 11pm


Saturday: 10am – 4pm

Sunday: 10am – 8pm

Tel: +1(404)-464-7159


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