Taking Stock

Taking Stock – 20



Taking Stock – 19

It’s just about one month to the end of 2017. Imagine. I don’t know why I find that insane but I do – November kinda just creeped up on us. October seemed like it would last forever no? I happened to have an off-day (thank you President Kenyatta for that) and decided to use it to take some stock of this past month with y’all.


Taking Stock – 16

End of summer vibes people! How are you doing? Hope well and taking in the very last rays of the sun before fall descends upon us here in Europe in a few weeks. To those back home in Kenya I’m sure you’re just counting down the days to the end of the cold season there, and I’ll be home soon too so guess I get a double summer this year, whoop! Anyway, that aside, let’s see what the past month has been like…


Taking Stock – 14

Are all of you as sad as I am to see May come to an end? This has been quite a fun-filled month for me and now that I’m knee-deep into my dissertation, no more fun for a good one and a half months till I complete this project… Sigh. Almost there, I can see the light at the end of this academic tunnel.


Taking Stock – 13

It’s been more than a minute folks and I apologize for the silence. School had me super caught up and I had no time to even read for pleasure leave alone blog. BUT… Finally on Easter break and catching up with everything I have missed out on in the past two months or so. Let’s take some stock shall we?:)


Taking Stock – Six

Making: Some major decisions in my life. I feel like I am always doing this though lol, so lets scratch that, I’m making major PLANS in my life. That sounds more concrete because it means those decisions will actually pan out. So I hope…

Cooking Eating: So much yummy Indian food! Currently in India visiting my mother and I am cheating on my diet everyday with all this rich and spicy food everywhere:)

Not a picture taken by me! But it shows you the beauty of Indian food:)

Drinking: Lots and lots of water. This Indian heat isn’t sparing anyone and I thought I was escaping the sun by leaving Nairobi for a few days goodness! Craving my ultimate guilty pleasure, the tropical fruit smoothies from Artcaffe, simply bliss!

Reading: Thrive by Arianna Huffington and loving it, book review coming up soon!

Wanting: A new phone, why won’t anyone hear my iPhone 6 cries??:(

Looking: For a really good paper source. Wanna get back to designing stationery and I need really good quality paper. Any suggestions?

Playing: With my hair, which needs to be done like asap once I get home. Braids should not last this long haha

Wasting: A lot of time watching Gotham. I’m done with that show, it has failed me.

Sewing Creating: Many more vision boards in my head than I should be doing on paper lol.. Need to jot all these ideas down before the disappear.

Wishing: I could make everything I want to happen in the next few months happen without any repercussions… If wishes were horses though.

Enjoying: This relaxing mini-break in India, was def much needed!

Waiting: For lunch. Food in india is tres amazing, like I said… been eating way too much

Liking: The progress my mother is making on her recovery, God is really something else:)

Wondering: How to come up with the best scholarship essay yet, I need some tips… Gradschool is calling.

Loving: The philanthropic nature of Indians in general. There is hope for humanity after all

Hoping: To get back on track with my fitness regime when I get back home. My accountability partner @nassstro1 says I have been super slacking lol, I’m sorry!

Marvelling: At the growth of so many of my dear friends in regards to their professional and personal life and I am in awe of them. Kudos to you all, you know who you are:)

Needing: I not only want a new phone, I am in desperate need of one. My poor phone is dying out on me gradually. I should start an #Iphone6Fund lol

Smelling: Gauze and methylated spirits… I’ve been living in a hospital for the past week, don’t judge me

Wearing: Capris, a blue tee and a striped sweater

Following: The TVs in this hospital are constantly tuned to CNN so every morning I have breakfast watching the Amanpour show with Christine Amanpour and I love her as a journalist. Never watched her show before and these past few days have made me an Amanpour groupie all of a sudden. As a fellow journalist, it’s only right that I began following her after watching one show. She’s awesome.

Noticing: Once again I shall speak on the greatness I have around in form of the friends I have. Young people taking charge of their lives and doing what they want and doing it super well. It’s a great thing because its assuring of the fact that our future has great leaders in its midst, great thinkers and innovators alike as well.

Knowing: That despite everything going on, all will be well. That is what I tell myself all the time especially when things feel like they are the end all and be all… all will be well. God never gives us something we cannot handle.

Thinking: About writing a short book, like a short story of sorts. It’s been a while since I did any fictional writing, let’s see if I can pull together about 6000words?? haha.. This writer turned editor/reporter is scared. But nothing is impossible. I shall share it here once it is ready and you all can give me feedback on whether I should get back on the fiction train or stay at the editor’s desk lol

Feeling: Hungry, lunch is taking too long to show up

Bookmarking: Nothing of late but I’m back to perusing through Stumbleupon for inspiration purposes, try it out too, you never know what you may stumble upon there haha(pun fully intended).

Opening: The page to this amazing event, Chanda Chema where I should be seeing you all on March 14th! PS: I shall be selling my cupcakes there, come through for some!

Giggling: At some of the comments my mother makes lol… She is one satirical and hilarious woman.

Taking Stock – Five

Making: Christmas card lists. Yes people, I’m that person who still sends out Christmas cards and I love it! #TeamTraditional:)

Cooking: Haven’t cooked much since taking up the Thanksgiving dinner challenge.. After a spread like that, I’m all cooked out for a while!

Drinking: Water, not enough of it though, need to up my intake

Reading: Zane’s ‘Addicted’. It’s quite something…

Wanting: An iPhone 6. Also the new Zen Garden Cookbook… Just saying, incase anyone wants to know what I want for Christmas.

Looking: At my travel bucketlist and really trying to figure out how I shall make all that happen!

Playing: With my hair – bad habit

Wasting: A lot of time in traffic. I can’t even begin my traffic rants here, they will never stop. Driving in Nairobi can be pure hell sometimes.

Sewing Creating: That sewing word needed to go because I don’t think there will ever be a time that I will be sewing… so created a new word:)

Wishing: We could close for the holidays already! Last week at work and it’s dragging so much

Enjoying: My #NoMondayBlues playlist, my iTunes was pretty well-behaved today, haven’t skipped a song once all day!

Waiting: For 6pm.. Hometime!

Liking: The fact that I am actually happy to see the year end, usually Im never ready! 2015 I’m ready for you.

Wondering: What adventures await me next year, God be gentle please, this year has been more than a roller-coaster ride.

Loving: Once Upon A Time this season, the producers have really up’d their game this time. Also finally started loving How To Get Away With Murder. Shonda you lost me in the beginning but you slowly reeled me back in, kudos:)

Hoping: For a more fulfilling year next year. I have done a lot more than I thought I would this year, so far so good. Also… more and more travel, I can’t say that enough!

Marvelling: At my level of patience with some things and some people.

Needing: A cup of tea. 5pm is tea time.

Smelling: That wonderful smell of a brand new book while you turn every page… Weird, I know.

Wearing: Leggings, sweater top… cold/warm/rainy days in Nairobi call for a comfy dress code.

Following: @worldwanderlust for the wanderlusterer in me!

Noticing: The constant negativity in the news lately.. both at home and internationally, we need to do better people.

Knowing: That I am going to have one of the best December holidays yet this year, so ready for it!

Thinking: About dinner. Hunger pangs have struck, I need to go home

Feeling: Great! And on a Monday nonetheless, guess it’s that holiday spirit in the air:)

Bookmarking: Not much of late but you all need to check out the UP Magazine website! (shameless work plug)

Opening: The EatOut Kenya website to register for my Yummy card… #foodieproblems don’t judge me haha. You know you want one if you are a foodie like me but can’t really afford eating out all the time. Sign up here>>> http://eatout.co.ke/card (also shameless plug)

Giggling: At my 4yr old cousin’s efforts in trying to teach me how to make loom band bracelets, kids these days goodness… And I thought I was crafty

Feeling: Like we all need to be in the holiday spirit, I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and an even better New year!