The Brunch Series: Brioche Cafe-Bistro

Another week, another post about a most sumptuous brunch! This past week, we veered off our usual locations and went into the suburbs of Karen to check out what Brioche Cafe-Bistro had to offer for Sunday Brunch. Lemme just say this now – we were not disappointed…



The Brunch Series: Brew Bistro

My love for a good brunch sparked a great idea in my head – why not do reviews – particular to brunch only? I spend so much time planning brunches and looking for the next best brunch spot that it only made sense to start doing write-ups of the places and give credit where it’s due and constructive criticism also where it’s due. And what better way to start off this series than to highlight the best brunch I’ve had so far in 2017 i.e. at Brew Bistro, Nairobi.


30 day blogging challenge – Part 1

Two posts in less than a week?? I did promise y’all I would be more focused now so yay:) I came across a blogging challenge on twitter from the @AfroBloggers account. 30 days, 30 different topics to cover to help one either start a blog or in my case – restart blogging and I decided to do it in a different way. Instead of prolonging the actual writing process I intend on doing by rolling out 30 posts throughout this month on the prompts given on the challenge… I’ll cover those prompts here, summarize a bit so it’s not an entire novel and get both of us reacquainted with each other in half the time! I hear cheers in the imaginary crowd in my head so I’ll just go ahead and start.


#WhenInLondon… Have brunch at the Breakfast Club

Brunch is the genius combination of breakfast and lunch – not such a wild guess right? Yeah well, I take excitement in word puns. I also take excitement in all things breakfast related, I really love breakfast food so next to breakfast, brunch is my second favourite type of eating experience.


#WhenInLondon… Shop At Ridley Road Shopping Village

Since arriving in London about a month ago, I have taken it upon myself to explore every inch of this wonderful city while I still have the time to. First stop – Ridley Road Shopping Village located in the Hackney, East London.


Kigali Living

I recently took a trip to next door Rwanda to be there for my friend’s birthday and also to get out of the hustle and bustle of Nairobi for a few days. Time out is my new middle name these days it seems, lol. I’m always looking for a getaway here and there and it’s actually not such a bad obsession as it really helped me clear my head and get me ready for the next chapter of my life i.e. returning to school for a Masters.

Enough digressing though. My wanderlust addiction took me to one of the most peaceful and most serene countries in East Africa; Rwanda. I was in the capital- Kigali where my good friend @DreamSmurf from college hosted me at her family’s home. When they said Kigali is the land of a thousand hills, they never lied. Hills on hills on hills! A photographer’s dream with all the scenic backdrops against the magic that is the East African sun as you can see in the very first picture I took below. We were driving into town and I managed to catch that shot really quickly using my phone. Yay to the awesomeness of the iPhone 6 camera. I was here for about 5 days and in such a short time I learnt quite a lot about this small but resilient city.


The Food: My foodie self had to make sure to eat everything I could get my hands on and in Kigali – Starch is life. Starchy foods are basically their staple food. A lot of bread, rice, potatoes, plantains… Needless to say, I went on a week long detox after I got back home because I have never eaten so much starch in all 3 meals of the day EVERYDAY. Not complaining though, who doesn’t love a baguette, home fries and fried plantains all at once right?
Kigali doesn’t have as diverse a food culture as Nairobi i.e. they don’t have as many fast food restaurants as we do back home. Aside from A casual pizza place downtown and A casual place for fries and chicken… there’s not much else. Most restaurants are within hotels so it’s either always fine dining or just eat home cooked food. The upside of this is it forces one to eat organic food at all times which is always a good thing, downside.. when that fastfood craving hits… You can’t really have your pick at what to eat.

The People: So beautiful! Rwandese people were specially made I tell you. Both men and women are stunning and it’s that natural beauty that strikes you at first glance. And I don’t know if it was just the people I got to meet but Rwandese people seem to be a very chill, very relaxed crowd. No need to rush anything, no sense of urgency and very laid back attitude all over the place. Makes one feel bad for even trying to stress or worry haha. The language barrier could be a problem for those visiting as most of the locals only speak French and/or their native language i.e. Kinyarwanda. Coming from Kenya I could note some similarities between the Rwandese language and Swahili as some words are quite similar. My friend’s dad speaks fluent Swahili so at least I could communicate with him quite well, her mum says she still finds English a challenge but we could still communicate so you’re not too badly off Mrs Kanimba! My friend and her siblings all went to school abroad and thus speak perfect English and French and Kinyarwanda. So cool to be trilingual like that.
The people of Rwanda have really come a long way from the genocide era. I visited the genocide memorial while there… The saddest thing. So many years later and the emotions it still evokes is powerful. I could not believe how low humanity had sunk at the time. I applaud all the souls that fought to protect their own and lost their lives doing so and I also applaud all those who confessed their wrongs eventually and sought forgiveness from their fellow brothers and sisters as peace was being restored back in the country. If ever you are in Kigali, please make a point of visiting the memorial, it will inspire you in so many ways.

The Weather: Amazing! I love the sun and the sun loves me. That is all haha.

Kigali as compared to Nairobi barely has any traffic Thank God! Anyone who knows me knows how the Nairobi traffic drives me crazy every single day and I think that is the one reason I could easily move elsewhere. The peace and quiet was a welcome change to the chaos and noise that surrounds me in Nairobi (I live on a highway so – constant noise argh!). My friend’s sister is recently engaged and one of the SEVEN ceremonies that happen before, during and after the wedding happened while I was there. I cannot remember what it was called but it’s an occasion when the parents of the bride to be go to meet the parents of the groom to be for the very first time. I remember Beline (Bride to be) was so very anxious because her parents are very chill and easy going as opposed to her fiance’s parents who are quite the opposite haha. The meeting went well though, both parents can tolerate each other and now we have a wedding to plan! The next time I shall be in Kigali will be for her wedding so watch this space for the pomp, colour and celebration that is a Rwandan wedding.
Major thanks to the Kanimba family for hosting me, I loved every single moment there and Rwanda is definitely a country I would love to visit once more.

Taking Stock – Five

Making: Christmas card lists. Yes people, I’m that person who still sends out Christmas cards and I love it! #TeamTraditional:)

Cooking: Haven’t cooked much since taking up the Thanksgiving dinner challenge.. After a spread like that, I’m all cooked out for a while!

Drinking: Water, not enough of it though, need to up my intake

Reading: Zane’s ‘Addicted’. It’s quite something…

Wanting: An iPhone 6. Also the new Zen Garden Cookbook… Just saying, incase anyone wants to know what I want for Christmas.

Looking: At my travel bucketlist and really trying to figure out how I shall make all that happen!

Playing: With my hair – bad habit

Wasting: A lot of time in traffic. I can’t even begin my traffic rants here, they will never stop. Driving in Nairobi can be pure hell sometimes.

Sewing Creating: That sewing word needed to go because I don’t think there will ever be a time that I will be sewing… so created a new word:)

Wishing: We could close for the holidays already! Last week at work and it’s dragging so much

Enjoying: My #NoMondayBlues playlist, my iTunes was pretty well-behaved today, haven’t skipped a song once all day!

Waiting: For 6pm.. Hometime!

Liking: The fact that I am actually happy to see the year end, usually Im never ready! 2015 I’m ready for you.

Wondering: What adventures await me next year, God be gentle please, this year has been more than a roller-coaster ride.

Loving: Once Upon A Time this season, the producers have really up’d their game this time. Also finally started loving How To Get Away With Murder. Shonda you lost me in the beginning but you slowly reeled me back in, kudos:)

Hoping: For a more fulfilling year next year. I have done a lot more than I thought I would this year, so far so good. Also… more and more travel, I can’t say that enough!

Marvelling: At my level of patience with some things and some people.

Needing: A cup of tea. 5pm is tea time.

Smelling: That wonderful smell of a brand new book while you turn every page… Weird, I know.

Wearing: Leggings, sweater top… cold/warm/rainy days in Nairobi call for a comfy dress code.

Following: @worldwanderlust for the wanderlusterer in me!

Noticing: The constant negativity in the news lately.. both at home and internationally, we need to do better people.

Knowing: That I am going to have one of the best December holidays yet this year, so ready for it!

Thinking: About dinner. Hunger pangs have struck, I need to go home

Feeling: Great! And on a Monday nonetheless, guess it’s that holiday spirit in the air:)

Bookmarking: Not much of late but you all need to check out the UP Magazine website! (shameless work plug)

Opening: The EatOut Kenya website to register for my Yummy card… #foodieproblems don’t judge me haha. You know you want one if you are a foodie like me but can’t really afford eating out all the time. Sign up here>>> (also shameless plug)

Giggling: At my 4yr old cousin’s efforts in trying to teach me how to make loom band bracelets, kids these days goodness… And I thought I was crafty

Feeling: Like we all need to be in the holiday spirit, I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and an even better New year!

Maisha Dar – Pictorial 5

This post is late by a week. Pardon my tardiness.

So I recently took a mini vacation to Tanzania 2 weekends ago and think that was by far one of the most fun trips I have ever made myself take. Being a travel junkie like me you really need to make the traveling happen because no one else around you will. Believe me… I tried the whole getting friends to come with me thing… It just became too tedious and people wasted a lot of time getting back to me so just decided to plan it for myself and go at it solo. Best decision I have made yet!

Stayed in Dar Es Salaam at my dear fifi’s place. You all recall my college roomie Fiona yes? Basically the coolest Tanzanian I know, love you! and thank you and your family for making my trip worth the money and time I spent planning it. Anyway, enough talk, Dar es salaam is amazing, Zanzibar is even more amazing! Yes, I got to see Zanzibar as well, #travelbucketlist is getting shorter and shorter, love it!

I should do a post on my various bucket-lists soon yeah?… Next time!


My foodie self couldn’t stop myself from capturing the work of art that is this salad. If you are ever in Dar es salaam please visit the Sea Cliff Hotel and ask for the sweet and spicy chicken mango salad. You will not be disappointed!


Girls night out… the dynamic duo reunited!


My ride to Zanzibar…




Beautiful Zanzibar




Selfies are mandatory on vacations



Stone Town in Zanzibar is quite the historic place




So my friends are cooler than yours… Thanks again @chriskanyoi for letting me be your copilot!


Coolest dog ever…. Caesar!

I don’t know when I’ll be traveling next but hopefully sooner rather than later.

Have a great week ahead!