Maisha Dar – Pictorial 5

This post is late by a week. Pardon my tardiness.

So I recently took a mini vacation to Tanzania 2 weekends ago and think that was by far one of the most fun trips I have ever made myself take. Being a travel junkie like me you really need to make the traveling happen because no one else around you will. Believe me… I tried the whole getting friends to come with me thing… It just became too tedious and people wasted a lot of time getting back to me so just decided to plan it for myself and go at it solo. Best decision I have made yet!

Stayed in Dar Es Salaam at my dear fifi’s place. You all recall my college roomie Fiona yes? Basically the coolest Tanzanian I know, love you! and thank you and your family for making my trip worth the money and time I spent planning it. Anyway, enough talk, Dar es salaam is amazing, Zanzibar is even more amazing! Yes, I got to see Zanzibar as well, #travelbucketlist is getting shorter and shorter, love it!

I should do a post on my various bucket-lists soon yeah?… Next time!


My foodie self couldn’t stop myself from capturing the work of art that is this salad. If you are ever in Dar es salaam please visit the Sea Cliff Hotel and ask for the sweet and spicy chicken mango salad. You will not be disappointed!


Girls night out… the dynamic duo reunited!


My ride to Zanzibar…




Beautiful Zanzibar




Selfies are mandatory on vacations



Stone Town in Zanzibar is quite the historic place




So my friends are cooler than yours… Thanks again @chriskanyoi for letting me be your copilot!


Coolest dog ever…. Caesar!

I don’t know when I’ll be traveling next but hopefully sooner rather than later.

Have a great week ahead!


Of Birthdays, Evening Walks and that Quarter Life Crisis… + Pictorial!

So FYI… I just turned 25. Freaking 25 years old. I feel so damn old! But then so young at the same time haha, guessing that’s the quarter life crisis part??

My birthday was this past weekend and being my first birthday back home and my freaking 25th!! I had to make it worth my while:) My birthday has never been fun happy times for me because it falls about the same time as my grandmother’s death anniversary, so Im normally more nostalgic than uber happy and spend the day in reminisce and deep thought of the woman I love and miss so much. This year though, marking 5 years since she went to heaven, I thought of celebrating her memory knowing that if she were here she would want me to mark this quarter life milestone with joy, laughter and happiness. So that’s exactly what I did… I had joy, laughter and happiness in the form of my closest friends and I having a celebratory dinner together. I always thought I would go all out for my 25th, being me and my obsession with birthdays esp milestone ones lol… But this past weekend was much more than I could have ever hoped for.

Mi Familia:)

Thank you to my wonderful friends for being the amazing beings that you are and thanks to my family for being appreciative and loving to me:) Below is a special pictorial, bday edition!

This is what 25 looks like:)


@Thuggz213 was a bit too happy about cake lol…


Much love to my fave aviator chic @Sab_G


cake #2 thanks to @MsNyairo


Made a wish…


And kissed a giraffe, perfect end to a beautiful day don’t you think?
My girls!


Pretty girlfriends I have!


#photobombers galore!




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I heart @miss_muthoni!
I was at first calmly waiting for my cake…
Then the sparklers almost burned my dress!!

So yes… even after all that eating, my resolution still is to get healthier and fitter, yes despite my hating on all the cliche pips! haha, I feel ya’ll. That december/januaryweight needs to DIE! A very a quick death btw but knowing my body I know it will be a very slow and painful death. I give myself 5 months top:) I have since starting taking evening walks/jogs with my brother. He is my motivator because he is such a gym fanatic… When I grow up I tell you… For now, babysteps:) Seeing as Nairobi decided to turn into the sahara desert once 2014 dawned on us, I have to do these walks really late in the evening as the scorching sun refuses to set any earlier. Which is still fine by me as because I can’t do the whole crack of dawn workout thing. Not my nocturnal self, no. I have come to really love these evening walks because even though both my brother and I have our earphones plugged in and music set on high volume, I feel as if we bond in a way over the silence between us. Walking on the dusty paths, taking in the pollution filled air and watching the BEAUTIFUL sunsets Africa never lied about… gives me a weird source of joy. I find myself smiling alone and just mentally saying… ‘This is home. This is home and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.’ I shall keep up with these walks, think they keep me less stressed and less stress means less eating meaning no more extra weight gain lol.

Stay Fit and stay hydrated folks during this so called ‘summer’ we are experiencing now, you wont regret it!

From NY to ATL with love:)

So my schedule didn’t really ease up like I thought it would but I am going to try and do the impossible today… A DOUBLE POST! Yes folks, you will get your dose of typewriter tuesdays today as well as my random ramblings as well just because I feel so bad about being so silent in the past few weeks.

How are you all? Awesome? Tired? Happy? Ambivalent? Savoring the last few weeks of summer like I am????? Sigh! I cannot believe summer is ending so soon, really feels like it just started! Anyway, on to more relevant matters… I recently had a big RANDOM change in my life. Yes as the title suggests, I have decided to take over yet another major city in the United States and that is Atlanta, or as it’s formerly known… Hotlanta! This move came very unexpectedly but I am embracing every minute of it because as you all know, everything does happen for a reason.

New York was super duper awesome. They weren’t lying when they said its the city that never sleeps, because in the last 2 weeks I can count the actual number of times I legit got over 5hrs of sleep. As my homie @emmaccheppy loves to say, YOLO. It wasn’t just party all day and night here though, I did actually get some work done people! I was fortunate enough to get some writing done on a public platform which was a wonderful experience for me as a budding writer/blogger/editor. Have any of you heard of The College Tourist? No? Well I’ll tell you about it nonetheless:) It is a student based platform centered around college students, a website catering to the needs of incoming students, current students and recent graduates as well. I was part of their summer writing interns team and my job was to basically write about my summer location in relation to college students. Give the ins and outs of NYC to provide both relevant and informal information about life in NY in general to students wanting to go to school there or hoping to intern there for a while like I did or those hoping to live there after school. Basically, I got to tour the city, live like a local, and blog about it. Talk about internship of the year:) Catch up with my work and adventures in the big city and check out all the other entries within their blog for those of you at home interested in studying abroad, and for those of you here in America interested in studying in a different state or country.

I’ll be lying if I say I don’t miss life in the concrete jungle because as hectic and stressful as it was, it was still some of the greatest times of my life. I met so many new people constantly, I stumbled upon some amazing places, ate amazing food and really grew as a person while there. NY will always have a part of my heart, the rest of it already being hogged by my beloved Nairobi lol.. I miss the busy lifestyle, the constant movement, being able to go anywhere, anytime… I don’t miss the constant presence of bugs and rats everywhere though! @mysscheeks remember our dear catrats?? Yes, that’s my name for the rats in that city- catrats because those rats were abnormally huge! Have you ever seen a rat the size of a cat? yeah, neither have I.. freaking scary. To all my NY sweethearts, you all know I miss you already dearly! If I don’t make it back to living there, I will for sure visit from time to time:)

Okay lemme stop pining over Manhattan so much when Atlanta is ALMOST just as awesome! Iv been to ATL twice before now, so I have experienced it on the tourist side, not as a local so interested to see what the next few months will be like. I am working tirelessly now, having taken up another internship and still focusing on my freelance projects while working on gradschool applications so staying busy is helping me NOT focus on the loneliness that will set in quite soon. Unlike NY, I don’t know anyone here and that was a major risk on my part, moving to a city with no connections at all,lol.. I just have my one friend here, @mosesngone who I am so grateful for, don’t know how smooth my transition here would have been without him! So far ATL has been pretty chill, laid back, as the south should be:) No ratchetness yet!! Yes @wild_succulent & @_jatelo, I know what ur thinking hahaha.. I refuse to turn ratchet, the end.

I am grateful to have SPACE in my living environment. That’s one thing NY needs to work on like for real… Why pay crazy amounts of money for an apt where you can hardly fit urself in leave alone your roomate/pet/bike??? WHY NY?? hahaha.. This is not a permanent move though, so I have a feeling come November/December I’ll be on the move again, hopefully for a permanent place this time around whether it be back home in Kenya or somewhere else in this great big world. I’m going to stop here so I can get a head start on the next great book review! Last 2 weeks of summer guys, I’m as bummed as you are.

Hello Atlanta!


Pictorial #4?

Can’t really recall how many pictorials I have done, its been a while since the last one so Im just taking a wild guess here.
Ola folks! For those of you awaiting Typewriter Tuesdays, no need to fret, I shall probably have a review ready for next week, I’m not promising because my schedule has been a bit helter skelter but I will try my best. I appreciate all of your feedback on the past reviews, it makes my day to know I am actually reaching out to people and getting them into the reading spirit again! Please remember that to get weekly updates on this blog, FOLLOW IT-just click on the button to your right, and you’ll never miss a beat:)

Summer is slowly but surely coming to an end already imagine, its already freaking august!! Where did time go? And you know what that means? My time in the big apple is also sadly coming to an end as well so trying to make the most of my last few weeks here. I’v been having a rough couple of weeks which I won’t go into details about to avoid a long and annoyingly depressing post lol but all I ask is that you keep me in your prayers tonight and every night if you can, much appreciated. The images I shall share below are just some random shots Iv managed to take while busy job hunting and just living it up here in NY, as much as I have been stressed/frustrated while being here, I have also been inspired, mesmerized and caught off guard plenty of times by the amazingness of being here as well. Okay, enough talk!

NY is mostly famous for its breathtaking skyline… so pardon the several skyline pics I have here, all shot by me via my iphone if I may say so lol… #teamapple

This is my backyard fyi… Love it! #Harlemliving

Union Square. I love this area because the Barnes & Nobles here is so cool! Looks like some kind of Victorian library, so I spend a lot of time here.. and money too but its all for a good cause! Typewriter Tuesdays’ type of cause lol

My NY girlfriends, Emma & Nimoi; amazing women!

@MumbeMuthama and I stumbled upon a Sex museum downtown and this was at the entrance…

See what I meant by a good cause?:) What’s on your summer reading list?

Finally understand why I love Turquoise so much

Introducing my Godson, Jeremy:) babies are way too cute!

Yet another skyline pic… of Brooklyn though!

Harlem at dusk

Got to experience 4th of July finally! #bucketlist

So I have an aunt here who lives in an apt complex with the sickest rooftop view of the entire city in my opinion.

As in seriously… where else can you find a view like that??

NY and its sense of humor on a monday morning lol

One of the several peaceful protests held for Trayvon Martin after Zimmerman was declared not guilty of killing him… Union Sq

Okay okay, Im done with the skyline pics after this lol.. this is also right behind my apartment, my view during my morning run:)

Cuban food! I really should work more on the food pics esp being in NY with its 3000+ restaurants lol.. the hunger is normally so real though that I forget sometimes:)

And I shall end this pictorial with the insane temperatures that hit the city a few weeks ago… Heatwave is an understatement to the ridiculousness that was the weather during that time. And oh yeah, that was 6pm.. can u imagine how it was at midday??? It has cooled down reasonably since then though, Thank God!

As August begins in practically less than 24 hrs, here’s to wishing you all a great last month of summer.