Taking Stock – 18

It’s about that time again. I haven’t done a taking stock post all year! Can you believe that? Sigh, this blog reboot was clearly much needed. So much to take stock of these past few months, I’ll just combine it all into one post.



New Year Thoughts

2016. Another year, another chance at starting afresh… New year, new me and all that Jazz. Well, for me this new year doesn’t feel new at all. Just feels like we moved on to a new month as we always do. The only thing that makes me feel like this is actually a new year is the fact that it is my birthday month, so with a new year, always comes the reminder that I’m about to turn a year older – yet again. As if I was meant to stop getting older at some point haha…


Taking Stock – Four

Making: A lot more to-do lists than I used to before… Priorities!

Cooking: Nothing today but made some amazing fried rice last week!

Drinking: Lemon infused water – best thing for your skin guys

Reading: Still on ‘Cutting For Stone’

Wanting: A couple of books I’ve been eyeing for a while now.. 3 to be exact. Payday couldn’t get here sooner.

Looking: For a way to write, design and travel and not starve at the same time haha..

Playing: Jhene Aiko’s new album ‘Souled Out’, it’s really good.

Wasting: A lot of napkins.. realized it’s a bad habit I have nowadays. I pick like 7 yet I only need one. #sorrymotherearth

Sewing: I did not sew that button guys. At this rate it just won’t happen.

Wishing: I could magically lose 10kgs. If only it were that easy…

Enjoying: Fall Tv! All my shows are back on so my evenings are fully catered for.

Waiting: For next week. New job and such… yeah I’m being nonchalant but really jumping in excitement inside!

Liking: The weather now, Nairobi winter is over!

Wondering: On a lot. But most importantly when to go for my next dentist’s appointment.

Loving: The growth taking place within and around me. Quarter life crisis for who??

Hoping: For a good month of October, September was tres hard:(

Marvelling: At the incredible strength my mother has. She is surely superwoman #Dailyinspiration

Needing: A little R&R… a spa day isn’t too much to ask for is it? Or an entire week off to just chill and do fun things that does not include work and traffic.

Smelling: My perfume for today: Givenchy – angels & demons.

Wearing: School girl look today, pants, white shirt, sweater over white shirt.

Following: Just started following Robin Sharma, his tweets give me life!

Noticing: That I’m getting too emotional nowadays. My G-self needs to get her act together yo!

Knowing: That if it’s meant to be it will be…

Thinking: gosh if I had a dollar, not even a penny, for my thoughts… I’d be able to buy that bike I’ve been wanting. Thinking on A LOT. Getting headaches just on the thought process that I experience everyday.. I need a pensieve to pour some thoughts into. Mostly thinking that life has a funny way of teaching us some harsh lessons man.

Feeling: some typa way about everything.

Opening: work emails… meh.

Giggling: At memes my brothers send me on the daily:)