Taking Stock – Four

Making: A lot more to-do lists than I used to before… Priorities!

Cooking: Nothing today but made some amazing fried rice last week!

Drinking: Lemon infused water – best thing for your skin guys

Reading: Still on ‘Cutting For Stone’

Wanting: A couple of books I’ve been eyeing for a while now.. 3 to be exact. Payday couldn’t get here sooner.

Looking: For a way to write, design and travel and not starve at the same time haha..

Playing: Jhene Aiko’s new album ‘Souled Out’, it’s really good.

Wasting: A lot of napkins.. realized it’s a bad habit I have nowadays. I pick like 7 yet I only need one. #sorrymotherearth

Sewing: I did not sew that button guys. At this rate it just won’t happen.

Wishing: I could magically lose 10kgs. If only it were that easy…

Enjoying: Fall Tv! All my shows are back on so my evenings are fully catered for.

Waiting: For next week. New job and such… yeah I’m being nonchalant but really jumping in excitement inside!

Liking: The weather now, Nairobi winter is over!

Wondering: On a lot. But most importantly when to go for my next dentist’s appointment.

Loving: The growth taking place within and around me. Quarter life crisis for who??

Hoping: For a good month of October, September was tres hard:(

Marvelling: At the incredible strength my mother has. She is surely superwoman #Dailyinspiration

Needing: A little R&R… a spa day isn’t too much to ask for is it? Or an entire week off to just chill and do fun things that does not include work and traffic.

Smelling: My perfume for today: Givenchy – angels & demons.

Wearing: School girl look today, pants, white shirt, sweater over white shirt.

Following: Just started following Robin Sharma, his tweets give me life!

Noticing: That I’m getting too emotional nowadays. My G-self needs to get her act together yo!

Knowing: That if it’s meant to be it will be…

Thinking: gosh if I had a dollar, not even a penny, for my thoughts… I’d be able to buy that bike I’ve been wanting. Thinking on A LOT. Getting headaches just on the thought process that I experience everyday.. I need a pensieve to pour some thoughts into. Mostly thinking that life has a funny way of teaching us some harsh lessons man.

Feeling: some typa way about everything.

Opening: work emails… meh.

Giggling: At memes my brothers send me on the daily:)

Of Birthdays, Evening Walks and that Quarter Life Crisis… + Pictorial!

So FYI… I just turned 25. Freaking 25 years old. I feel so damn old! But then so young at the same time haha, guessing that’s the quarter life crisis part??

My birthday was this past weekend and being my first birthday back home and my freaking 25th!! I had to make it worth my while:) My birthday has never been fun happy times for me because it falls about the same time as my grandmother’s death anniversary, so Im normally more nostalgic than uber happy and spend the day in reminisce and deep thought of the woman I love and miss so much. This year though, marking 5 years since she went to heaven, I thought of celebrating her memory knowing that if she were here she would want me to mark this quarter life milestone with joy, laughter and happiness. So that’s exactly what I did… I had joy, laughter and happiness in the form of my closest friends and I having a celebratory dinner together. I always thought I would go all out for my 25th, being me and my obsession with birthdays esp milestone ones lol… But this past weekend was much more than I could have ever hoped for.

Mi Familia:)

Thank you to my wonderful friends for being the amazing beings that you are and thanks to my family for being appreciative and loving to me:) Below is a special pictorial, bday edition!

This is what 25 looks like:)


@Thuggz213 was a bit too happy about cake lol…


Much love to my fave aviator chic @Sab_G


cake #2 thanks to @MsNyairo


Made a wish…


And kissed a giraffe, perfect end to a beautiful day don’t you think?
My girls!


Pretty girlfriends I have!


#photobombers galore!




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I heart @miss_muthoni!
I was at first calmly waiting for my cake…
Then the sparklers almost burned my dress!!

So yes… even after all that eating, my resolution still is to get healthier and fitter, yes despite my hating on all the cliche pips! haha, I feel ya’ll. That december/januaryweight needs to DIE! A very a quick death btw but knowing my body I know it will be a very slow and painful death. I give myself 5 months top:) I have since starting taking evening walks/jogs with my brother. He is my motivator because he is such a gym fanatic… When I grow up I tell you… For now, babysteps:) Seeing as Nairobi decided to turn into the sahara desert once 2014 dawned on us, I have to do these walks really late in the evening as the scorching sun refuses to set any earlier. Which is still fine by me as because I can’t do the whole crack of dawn workout thing. Not my nocturnal self, no. I have come to really love these evening walks because even though both my brother and I have our earphones plugged in and music set on high volume, I feel as if we bond in a way over the silence between us. Walking on the dusty paths, taking in the pollution filled air and watching the BEAUTIFUL sunsets Africa never lied about… gives me a weird source of joy. I find myself smiling alone and just mentally saying… ‘This is home. This is home and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.’ I shall keep up with these walks, think they keep me less stressed and less stress means less eating meaning no more extra weight gain lol.

Stay Fit and stay hydrated folks during this so called ‘summer’ we are experiencing now, you wont regret it!

September 18th

Boy meets girl, Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love, Boy pretends he isn’t but in real sense he is head over heels in love. This is a story of love, a unique kind of love.

Ever met someone who fully completes you?? Someone who is in every sense your other half?? Ever been in love to the point it makes u mad sometimes? yeah, ironic isn’t it.We claim to be such independent females and that nothing can make us question the power within us until we meet him. Mr Right. He just saunters into our life without us knowing, he makes us laugh, he takes us out, he makes you laugh, he calls to check up on you, he wishes you goodnight, he makes you laugh, he takes you for movies, golf, he cooks for you; he makes you laugh; he touches the small of your back, he looks into your eyes, he gives you amazing hugs, he makes you laugh. He kisses you, he embraces your complexity, he puts up with your moodswings, he admits to wrongdoing even though he know he is not at fault, he does everything he can to make you happy, he makes you laugh. He says he loves you, he says he wants to be with you forever, he advises you, he makes you laugh.

Mr Right does all these but making you laugh is the one thing you seem to love the most. Because in that laughter both of you connect. You connect on a level that no one else around you can understand. You connect to a point you have your own language sometimes (read kesha); that laughter brings out the smile he so badly wants to see everyday. That laughter keeps both of you happy, young and thriving. He makes you laugh to know he is doing something right because he is indeed Mr Right. You are lost and confused in this big world sometimes but the one person you know you can count on to ALWAYS be there is him. He makes you laugh to assure you he will never leave your side; he makes you laugh to keep you safe, he makes you laugh to see that dimple in your cheek, that twinkle in your eye and maybe to see if he’ll get lucky that night lol but I digress.

You have put him through a lot. Some he may have deserved, some he really didn’t but you still did it anyway. But that is just how us women are built, to be curious, to be protective of our heart and body as both are the temple of the Holy Spirit and not any Tom, Dick and Harry can tamper with it. You want to know that he has good intentions, even after over 2yrs there are still tests of trust, tests of security, tests of faith to be carried out. You know you have a fragile heart and you want to know you have entrusted it to the right person. Well after all this time, Mr Right has proved himself a lot and deserves all this praise, all the trust, all the love and all the faith from you. You have trust issues because anyone you trusted before him has never been as reliable. You have been let down countless times it gets to a point you were about to give up on this thing called love. But like I mentioned earlier.. Mr Right knows how to just saunter in at the perfect time in your life. You start to see a future with him, and the smile returns, the laughter is in full effect because what you see is a future of happiness and that is all you have wanted all along. Mr Right knew what he was doing when he made you laugh that first day on July 18th, 2 yrs ago. He already saw these past 2 yrs, he saw the challenge he was faced with when he first said hello. He took it with stride and never gave up on you.

Mr Right loves you now and always. And Im happy to say, so do you. You may have never thought this kind of love would ever happen to you, but then again you know what they say… If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. Only the Lord knows what he has planned for you. And Mr Right, he was a good idea on his part.



Pictorial #2

So sorry for my absence… college tries all it can to kill me but never succeeds, I still come out alive… BARELY. Anyway, due to the ltd time I have on this computer I decided to make this post my 2nd attempt at pictorials. I just gathered a few pics of my own plus quotes and images here and there that inspire me… Take a minute and enjoy:-)

This is so true, lol… for so many of us!

I found this on http://www.stumbleupon.com it’s really cool:)

I got this courtesy of @TheBabyNat’s tumblr, reppin the 254 always!

I LOVE OREOS. The end.

I have a ‘slight’ shoe obsession as well… operative word being the punctuation marks lol

Music is the fire that ignites my soul…

I love this girl, Alot. How we became friends is still a mystery to both of us but I know when I need reassuring, that everything is going to be okay, I know I can turn to her. Plus she is really adorable(“,)

My uncle and cousin.This baby wasn’t even a year old when this picture was taken, but he was conversing with her in a way that was so precious. He watched her ‘talk’ and listened and laughed with her; perfect father-daughter moment right there. I want my future husband to be that kind of father to our child. A father who puts his child first before anything or anyone else.

Have a good end of October guys, 3 weeks to thanksgiving break, yay!:)