5 TED Talks That Will Inspire And Empower You

TED Talks are the greatest thing to happen since Oprah. 20 – 30 minute video talks by professionals, leaders, anyone who wants to challenge the status quo and talk about it; in turn inspiring and motivating others to do the same. The good thing about these talks is that they are not boring at all. You don’t lose interest while watching, in fact you find yourself taking notes as the speakers pace up and down the stage telling you their story. In my few years in the real world after college I have listened to a bunch but these particular ones below really spoke to me. They had a significant impact in my life and I hope once you watch them, they will inspire and empower you as well.



Finding Myself

If this was my tumblr page (which I have since taken down due to some unavoidable circumstances), the soundtrack to this post would be Nicki Minaj and Bey’s Feeling Myself – that song is my anthem! Love love it.

Okay enough with the digressing… I have been super MIA on this blog and I don’t even know how to explain my silence or why I have been this unproductive. All I can say is I had lost my spark. My last post was done in my last week of employment and you would think not having a job all this time would give me more time to blog and finally complete redesigning it as well. I think I’m going to leave it as is for now… I like the simplicity of it, I was trying to do too much and it wasn’t working so wrytersden remains as is until I find the theme and design that I feel fits it perfectly.

Since quitting my job about 4 months ago, quite a lot has happened. To summarize – I broke my leg in a very random accident that I still don’t understand to this day lol.. Fully recovered now though, don’t worry:) I also did some traveling, yes while still on crutches lol.. Went to Rwanda and took a short trip down to the coast as well, all the while preparing for school in the UK in the fall and those trips I think were presented to me at a very opportune time as I really needed some time out from Nairobi. The absolute worst thing that did happen in this short time was the sudden loss of a dear friend – and I do not mean by death no… just a lot of complications led to the unfortunate end of our friendship together and it took a lot out of me because this is someone I have known and loved almost my entire life. Felt like I had lost my sister and to this day it still doesn’t register well in my mind.

When all that drama happened, whilst still on bed rest with a broken leg, it made me really re-evaluate everyone in my life and everything. It was a serious wake up call in the way I treated myself as opposed to how I treated others. Sigh… being an adult sucks sometimes. I don’t know how else I can describe it except in that way.

That aside, I have gained a new respect for my level of patience and how much craziness I can tolerate. I may be the most calm person I know, aside from my mother of course. I guess I get it from her. I also have so much respect for the few friends I have left in my life. They did not have to support me or defend me or stand in my honor in anyway as all that happened was entirely between myself and her but they did and their concern and constant support was all that was keeping me from breaking down every single day. It is hard to find loyal people in this day and age and without my small circle of friends, I think my spirit would be broken forever. Thank you to all of you for being the amazing beings you are.

I have also realized my threshold for pain is quite the one… when you break a leg to such extremes of your bone piercing your skin and leaving a bullet sized hole, and dislocating your shoulder at the same time… yeah, way too much pain to experience at once but somehow, I look back now and just chuckle… I have ridiculously weak bones which I am now working on making stronger everyday with a certain amount of calcium intake.

4 months… whirlwind of emotions in all areas of my life. I have one month left before heading off to gradschool and I am going with a whole different mindset than I had 4 months ago. I want to go study and study hard. I have been giving too much of myself to everyone except myself. It is now time I do something for me and be selfish for the first time in my life. A very necessary step I should have taken so many years ago but it’s better late than never.

There is so much more I wanna write on here… but I think this shall do for now as I have months of content to back up, so many reviews to write and travel stories to tell. Life posts like these shall come once in a blue moon as I keep growing and learning and embracing every facet of me.

Pictorial #4?

Can’t really recall how many pictorials I have done, its been a while since the last one so Im just taking a wild guess here.
Ola folks! For those of you awaiting Typewriter Tuesdays, no need to fret, I shall probably have a review ready for next week, I’m not promising because my schedule has been a bit helter skelter but I will try my best. I appreciate all of your feedback on the past reviews, it makes my day to know I am actually reaching out to people and getting them into the reading spirit again! Please remember that to get weekly updates on this blog, FOLLOW IT-just click on the button to your right, and you’ll never miss a beat:)

Summer is slowly but surely coming to an end already imagine, its already freaking august!! Where did time go? And you know what that means? My time in the big apple is also sadly coming to an end as well so trying to make the most of my last few weeks here. I’v been having a rough couple of weeks which I won’t go into details about to avoid a long and annoyingly depressing post lol but all I ask is that you keep me in your prayers tonight and every night if you can, much appreciated. The images I shall share below are just some random shots Iv managed to take while busy job hunting and just living it up here in NY, as much as I have been stressed/frustrated while being here, I have also been inspired, mesmerized and caught off guard plenty of times by the amazingness of being here as well. Okay, enough talk!

NY is mostly famous for its breathtaking skyline… so pardon the several skyline pics I have here, all shot by me via my iphone if I may say so lol… #teamapple

This is my backyard fyi… Love it! #Harlemliving

Union Square. I love this area because the Barnes & Nobles here is so cool! Looks like some kind of Victorian library, so I spend a lot of time here.. and money too but its all for a good cause! Typewriter Tuesdays’ type of cause lol

My NY girlfriends, Emma & Nimoi; amazing women!

@MumbeMuthama and I stumbled upon a Sex museum downtown and this was at the entrance…

See what I meant by a good cause?:) What’s on your summer reading list?

Finally understand why I love Turquoise so much

Introducing my Godson, Jeremy:) babies are way too cute!

Yet another skyline pic… of Brooklyn though!

Harlem at dusk

Got to experience 4th of July finally! #bucketlist

So I have an aunt here who lives in an apt complex with the sickest rooftop view of the entire city in my opinion.

As in seriously… where else can you find a view like that??

NY and its sense of humor on a monday morning lol

One of the several peaceful protests held for Trayvon Martin after Zimmerman was declared not guilty of killing him… Union Sq

Okay okay, Im done with the skyline pics after this lol.. this is also right behind my apartment, my view during my morning run:)

Cuban food! I really should work more on the food pics esp being in NY with its 3000+ restaurants lol.. the hunger is normally so real though that I forget sometimes:)

And I shall end this pictorial with the insane temperatures that hit the city a few weeks ago… Heatwave is an understatement to the ridiculousness that was the weather during that time. And oh yeah, that was 6pm.. can u imagine how it was at midday??? It has cooled down reasonably since then though, Thank God!

As August begins in practically less than 24 hrs, here’s to wishing you all a great last month of summer.

Happy Birthday!!

This post is day late, but better late than never:-)
Yesterday, Jan 21st, marks a whole year that this blog has been in existence. Happy Birthday wrytersden!! Seems like it was just yesterday, I was sitting bored in my room, down and out, alone and just very upset with the world. I always write when I’m upset, helps me express myself better. That day, this time, I decided, why not put my writings into a virtual context… start a blog perhaps?? I must admit I was afraid, for I would be sharing a lot of personal information with the world, I feared being judged, feared being rejected, feared failing at this. My writing is my art and being an artist, in the wise words of Erykah Badu… ‘I’m sensitive about my shit’
But even with all those fears clouding my mind, I still went ahead and did it. I decided to keep a positive mind and hope for the best, hope that I could use this blog to not only relate my personal stories, but to reach out to others as well. As my profile says… “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.” I hope I have inspired someone out there, I hope I have not made this blog become less than what all of you expected it to be. I have gathered a bunch of followers since we first started and the number of views keep increasing with each passing day. I appreciate you all who take time to read the ramblings of a simple, but yet complicated college student. Yes, I am complicated at times, lol..
So, that being said, 1yr down, so many more to go! Love you guys, keep reading and I’ll keep posting!

Pictorial #2

So sorry for my absence… college tries all it can to kill me but never succeeds, I still come out alive… BARELY. Anyway, due to the ltd time I have on this computer I decided to make this post my 2nd attempt at pictorials. I just gathered a few pics of my own plus quotes and images here and there that inspire me… Take a minute and enjoy:-)

This is so true, lol… for so many of us!

I found this on it’s really cool:)

I got this courtesy of @TheBabyNat’s tumblr, reppin the 254 always!

I LOVE OREOS. The end.

I have a ‘slight’ shoe obsession as well… operative word being the punctuation marks lol

Music is the fire that ignites my soul…

I love this girl, Alot. How we became friends is still a mystery to both of us but I know when I need reassuring, that everything is going to be okay, I know I can turn to her. Plus she is really adorable(“,)

My uncle and cousin.This baby wasn’t even a year old when this picture was taken, but he was conversing with her in a way that was so precious. He watched her ‘talk’ and listened and laughed with her; perfect father-daughter moment right there. I want my future husband to be that kind of father to our child. A father who puts his child first before anything or anyone else.

Have a good end of October guys, 3 weeks to thanksgiving break, yay!:)