Of sun, sand and Midterms…

Junior year… The deciding factor in college, the in-between, the one year that you know you must succeed in to have a whole senior year of just chilling and doing random classes. This is that year and of late, I’ve not been into it as much. I thought a whole 3 months away from school and this sorry excuse for a city would help me get back on track once I got back seeing as my sophomore year was nothing short of a disaster. But no… I’m back in orange, back in Chapman, doing the major that I want FINALLY (thank you mum) but still somehow still feeling trapped in a world I don’t belong. So because of all these emotions bottling up inside, I decided to take a break and get away from it all. This decision comes after I was already 2 weeks late in reporting back to school so technically I have only been here close to a month and I’m already fed up?? Clearly school is not meant for me, lol. My roomie Fifi wanted out too and we decided to take a day out to go to the beach finally. I wanted to swim and she wanted to lay in the sun, doing that in school would just raise unwanted stares that I can’t stand so to Santa Monica we went.

Unfortunately the weekend we decided to go was the weekend right before those bloody things we call midterms. I personally don’t think anyone can study at the beach, but Fi insisted we carry our books and get some studying done. In the end it ended up being her studying the entire time we were there and me laying in the sun enjoying time alone with my thoughts for once. I like how I was not worried at all about studying even though I now have back to back exams this week plus a job to do and another job to find and a thanksgiving ticket to buy… #Priorities #Priorities… Of all the time I have been in California, the places I love the best are Venice beach, downtown L.A, West Hollywood and South Coast Plaza. When I finally get to go to San Fran, I’m sure it will make the list too. I have never been to Santa Monica beach and mainly its because anytime we decide its beach day we always end up in Venice beach-awesomest place ever!

Now one of the many downsides of Cali is their ridiculous transport system. I mean, come on… how can you build a subway system that ONLY serves the city of Los Angeles??? What about the rest of us in outer L.A where everyone and their mother has a Ferrari, Lexus or BMW M6? And the rest of has who don’t even have a bus system to rely on… why?? because of the aforementioned people and their cars. Anyway, because of the crappy transport, it took us almost 3hours just to get to a place that is almost 50minutes away with no traffic. We had to take a train to LA, then a bus that seemed to go on forever with 50 million stops and a bus driver who clearly was new on the job coz the number of times we had to stop to get the bus checked…? wth?? I miss city life people. Take me to New York where I can get from point A to B in less then 20min and most importantly NO TRAFFIC. Anyway that’s not what I wanted to talk about, I just randomly vent sometimes… My boyfriend tells me its my one flaw, lol… Yes, I complain a lot, what else is new, lol…

So back to the beach! We finally got there and all was well with the world again:-) I may be a city girl by nature but the ocean is where my heart is. I love being at the beach, near the ocean listening to the waves, thinking and thinking some more and just enjoying the peace and serenity it brings… really not a fan of the icky seaweed though. If it wasn’t such hassle getting there I think I’d spend every weekend I had at the beach.. but not in November, or December, or January.. rain,and the cold.. not my cup of tea at all,lol I’m sure you have all realized how Iv not even mentioned anything about me even opening a book,lol… Yes @TheBabyNat you were right.. studying at the beach is a definite no no. Got a lot of stuff in my head sorted out though. I have one more year before I graduate God-willing. What I’m going to do after that is the million dollar question. It haunts me everyday and that answer seems like it doesn’t wanna be found. What to do? I may be in school, doing all this work, or atleast trying to,lol.. but for what? What benefit will I gain besides the knowledge? Considering the crumbling global economy, I don’t know if I’ll make it out there in the real world. I want to be in it so badly but truth is.. will I survive?

Those are some things that plague my mind all the time and whether I should have those cookies after dinner,lol.. what?? they’re chocolate chip and VERY MOIST! No Judging lol. I have nothing else to add, just wanted to share my beach experience because it has been a really long while since I was near the ocean. Give or take 4 years,lol.. It’s a new month, a new week, and a new day. Do all you can today, this week, this month… and you won’t regret it.