Taking Stock – 23

May has been quite the month hasn’t it? Both good and bad but we are still out here thriving, living, hustling and just getting through each day as it comes.



Taking Stock – 22

Hello prissss…. *insert waving hand emoji* it’s good to be back to writing on this little space of mine, it’s been a good long month and a few weeks of complete unplugging from everything ‘online’. Took a break from the digital world during the lenten period and I must say it’s a great challenge to take especially when you are constantly plugged in. Got a lot of personal work done and lived in the moment more than I normally would but I’m glad to be back online and ready to spam y’all week after week haha, please don’t block me, okay thanks:)


Taking Stock – 19

It’s just about one month to the end of 2017. Imagine. I don’t know why I find that insane but I do – November kinda just creeped up on us. October seemed like it would last forever no? I happened to have an off-day (thank you President Kenyatta for that) and decided to use it to take some stock of this past month with y’all.


Taking Stock – 18

It’s about that time again. I haven’t done a taking stock post all year! Can you believe that? Sigh, this blog reboot was clearly much needed. So much to take stock of these past few months, I’ll just combine it all into one post.


Taking Stock – 16

End of summer vibes people! How are you doing? Hope well and taking in the very last rays of the sun before fall descends upon us here in Europe in a few weeks. To those back home in Kenya I’m sure you’re just counting down the days to the end of the cold season there, and I’ll be home soon too so guess I get a double summer this year, whoop! Anyway, that aside, let’s see what the past month has been like…


Taking Stock – 14

Are all of you as sad as I am to see May come to an end? This has been quite a fun-filled month for me and now that I’m knee-deep into my dissertation, no more fun for a good one and a half months till I complete this project… Sigh. Almost there, I can see the light at the end of this academic tunnel.