Taking Stock – 16

End of summer vibes people! How are you doing? Hope well and taking in the very last rays of the sun before fall descends upon us here in Europe in a few weeks. To those back home in Kenya I’m sure you’re just counting down the days to the end of the cold season there, and I’ll be home soon too so guess I get a double summer this year, whoop! Anyway, that aside, let’s see what the past month has been like…



Taking Stock – 15

Can you say hibernation??? Or hermit? Because that is exactly what I have been for the past two months – a hermit in hibernation. Sorry for the long silence but I was in full on study mode getting my dissertation done. I have done nothing but write, design, research, write and design some more for eight weeks straight. I’m finally done though, submitted my project yesterday and now I don’t know what to do with myself haha.


Taking Stock – 13

It’s been more than a minute folks and I apologize for the silence. School had me super caught up and I had no time to even read for pleasure leave alone blog. BUT… Finally on Easter break and catching up with everything I have missed out on in the past two months or so. Let’s take some stock shall we?:)


#WhenInLondon… Visit The Christmas Markets

Christmas Markets are quite a big trend in Europe and I only just realized that two weeks ago. London is looking very festive now that the holidays are literally right around the corner (read next week) and amongst all the Christmas markets popping up all over the place, one in particular is quintessential to London and that is The Winter Wonderland Christmas fair.

The markets have one common factor – they all have vendors selling nice little holiday trinkets that you can’t find at a normal store and a lot of homemade decor, accessories. The food at these markets my goodness! So much variety and so much yummy goodness from all over the world, all under one roof.

Okay I’m going to stop reminiscing now and give you a recap of three out of very many Christmas markets in London that you should visit.


Book Club Tuesdays – The Girl on the Train

This book was gifted to me by my mother a day before I moved to London and once I started reading it, I understood why she gave it to me – it’s a story based in London, about a young woman living in London… Thanks mum, I see what you did there.


#WhenInLondon… Visit the Imperial War Museum

London is a very historic city and with history comes museums filled with culture, tradition and art. Museums are some of my favourite places to visit. I relish at the thought of learning about the different historical periods of the host towns and the various cultures accompanying them. The Imperial War Museum is a tad different from the usual culture/art museums as it is one dedicated to encouraging the study and understanding of the history of modern war.


#WhenInLondon… Shop At Ridley Road Shopping Village

Since arriving in London about a month ago, I have taken it upon myself to explore every inch of this wonderful city while I still have the time to. First stop – Ridley Road Shopping Village located in the Hackney, East London.


Londoners Take on Brexit

Being a journalism student in London immediately calls for you to be up to date with all the local and international news at all times. The one thing that has caught my attention of late is the Brexit phenomenon i.e. Britain’s exit from the European Union, if at all they end up leaving. It’s been a constant news topic for the past few weeks and as Britain gears up for a new referendum, the decision to stay or leave is already causing disparity within the Conservative Party.

As a class assignment, we spent an afternoon in Central London gathering different opinions from the Locals about their thoughts on Brexit. I partnered up with my classmate Peter Adams to get people talking about this and compiled the article below.

The People’s Opinion

People along the busy streets of Regent’s Street in Central had varied opinions in regards to the upcoming referendum. Brexit, as the referendum has popularly come to be known involves Britain’s decision to leave the EU. The Bank of England will on Wednesday present a speech that will spell out the financial repercussions of Britain leaving the European Union.

Before this happens, my colleague and I decided to tally some of the varied opinions heard along the streets of central London.

Ryan, a sales manager smoking outside a pub on Regent Street, had quite a lot to say… “There are pros and cons to Britain’s ultimate decision. It all comes to down to what value it is adding to the country. The transparency isn’t enough for people to understand. It isn’t about who’s for it or who’s against it, it’s about educating the people on how it will benefit them in the long run.” When asked what he thinks will happen at the referendum, he confidently said that Britain will stay in the European Union even after all the negotiations are done.

A quick walk to the Oxford Circle tube station led to meeting Rafael, a waiter who was sitting by the newspaper stand waiting on his friend. His thoughts on Britain leaving the EU were plain and simple – he had no comment.

Britain’s exit from the EU will have its financial consequences on the nation, if at all it does decide to leave and the government is doing all it can to prevent that and maintain good rapport with all the other European States. From our little survey it seems that some people do feel strongly about it while others will carry on with their lives as usual come referendum day.

What are your thoughts about this Brexit conundrum? Do you think Britain needs the EU or is she better off without them altogether…

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Studying Abroad 101

Studying abroad is basically a right of passage for anyone in their 20s and I am so blessed that I got to do it twice in my life. Studying abroad is an amazing experience that teaches you so much and not just in the classroom, in life as well. Plus who can say no to traveling and experiencing a whole new country? This article is all about all the things you should know before and during your time abroad. I hope it helps someone out there gearing up for a great adventure abroad soon.