Ngong hills

Taking Stock – 17

Talk about a hiatus! It’s been what, two months now? I’m sorry y’all, I really am. I have so much to talk about (read write about) but the time to do it though?? So I recently moved back home to Kenya from London about 1.5 months ago and the whole adjusting and get right into work thing took over my life for a while hence my silence on here.



#TembeaKenya – Pictorial 6

Been more than a minute!

So being back in the motherland has prompted me to want to travel more locally and experience Kenya for the beautiful country that it is! The past few weekends have been filled with random hiking trips, long drives and visits to parts of Nairobi and Kenya in general that I never thought I would ever go to before… Never say never guys.

First up we have an extremely random drive up to Machakos that my friends @mumodotexe and @TishJr convinced me to come along on.. visiting Kamba land with two of the coolest Kambas I know = funtimes! I didn’t take as many pictures of the place as I should have, but I know there’s going to be a next time, yes @sonniekbby?? haha..

Next… Hiking Ngong Hills. This was the smart idea of my ever bubbly @Abbakidenda. Never listening to her crazy ideas again until I know I’m fit enough to participate haha. Here I was thinking Ngong Hills can’t be that bad if I’ve hiked icy mountains in Southern California right?? WRONG. Those hills were no joke for little old me but I’m glad I pushed myself to complete all 7 even though I wanted to kill someone half the time lol.. Stay fit guys, it’s highly important.


View from the top! Kajiado County


The windmill farm is located right at the bottom of the hills, such majestic machines.



@Abbakidenda – the true Cocacola ambassador


Because when you’re climbing 7 hills you must take a breather on a tree


By far the fittest person I have ever met… dude was also smoking and having a tusker the entire 22km btw – guys meet Andrew, one of the guides. He does this almost every weekend, next month he will climb Mt Kenya!


The feeling when you are done is so indescribable! Hopefully this picture speaks volumes lol



Hiking buddies!


Last trek!

Last but not least… this past weekend. @sonniekbby and I woke up after a night out on the town.. read – a night at Qz lol.. and we decided to go get some lunch, chill out, enjoy a sunny saturday. Until she suggests we should go for a drive. I didn’t see why not so fast forward 2 hrs after calling up the crew and what do you know.. we are out on the deserted but particularly serene streets of Kiambu, Tigoni and Limuru. Kenya is really beautiful… We took in the sights of the area and the tea farms that produce the best tea in the world. Yes, Kenyan tea is the best tea in the world, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It was a nice way to spend an afternoon. Definitely need to do more out of Nairobi city drives.

Thanks for stopping by. More pictorials shall come if I get to travel again before the year ends, so far I’ve been quite the local wanderlusterer!