72 Hours in Mexico City

2017 was quite a challenging year I must say. Financially, physically, emotionally – all of it. But, as we always do, we got through it, I particularly ended it on a high which I’ve taken as the progressing mood for 2018, positive vibes all round.



My Italian getaway

It’s the last month of summer and I already want to be back in June and start it all over again! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun and that’s exactly what I have been doing since being done with school last month.


72 hours in Paris

Hello good people!

Hope the month of May is treating you as well as it is me. I recently came back from a nice little weekend in Paris and all I kept thinking on the way back was I wish I had more time there! Paris is a beautiful city and three days is not enough time to really get a feel of it.


Travel Essentials | Roadtrips

In preparation for my upcoming roadtrip to Edinburgh, I want to touch on a topic that will be helpful for any budding travel lovers out there or anyone planning a trip soon – Travel Essentials. There are different sets of travel essentials for different types of travel, so I’ll cover each in consecutive posts to come. For now we shall start with roadtrip travel essentials.


My Travel Bucketlist

So I just realized for someone who writes so much about travel, I’ve never really shared my travel bucketlist on this blog! I have it written down on my journal and came across it today; five years later… Decided it would be great to share my ambitious goal of visiting an insane number of countries (read every single continent) with you all. Who knows, some of you may want to join me on my #traveltheworldmission.


Taking Stock – Seven

Making: A weird amount of gift bags… way behind on my gift giving these past few months, just playing catch up with all these birthdays that have passed and those coming up!

Cooking: Also a weird amount of cupcakes haha. Started selling these yummy babies and I seem to be baking every other weekend now.

Drinking: Green tea:)

Reading: All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. Check out my Spring reading list below!

Wanting: Well my prayers were answered and I got my Iphone 6! So yeah, that is what I really wanted. I don’t really want much right about now…

Looking: For my next travel plan, that wanderlust bug is itching real hard

Playing: Solitaire

Wasting: A lot of time watching Pretty Little Liars. Like I gave this show so much of my patience and even in this finale we STILL don’t know who A is, damn!

Sewing Creating: Nothing in particular

Wishing: Growing up didn’t have to be so damn hard sometimes, but alas it is the only way to do it.

Enjoying: The alone time I have forced myself to take of late, solitude is really good for the soul.

Waiting: For the week to end. Yeah I know it’s Monday but this is a short week and lord knows I need that Easter Break coming up!

Liking: The risks I am taking. Never been a risk taker before – first time for everything!

Wondering: Why I seem to have the most icy fingers on the planet. As in seriously.. I have the coldest hands and I have no idea why

Loving: That I have stuck to my diet for more than 21 days, woop woop! My friends @Sab_G and @a_wanjirum are my accountability partners on this lol, thanks for the motivation guys!

Hoping: That despite the rainy season creeping up, that I don’t give up on my running, been consistent with that too, believe it or not. Like @nassstro1 always says – Health is Wealth.

Marvelling: At the Rolls Royce convertible I saw last Friday, that car is utter luxury on wheels. Not my style at all, but still good to look at.

Needing: A manicure. Easter Break come soon please.

Smelling: The freshly printed Yummy Magazine sitting right next to me. I like the smell of new books, magazines etc. Weird right?

Wearing: Leggings! Haven’t been able to wear anything this body hugging since October last year? For once I am fully pro cold weather now because that summer really tried it with all that heat.

Following: @shaym! My new obsession because she is a wanderlust addict just like me, her instagram feed gives me so much life.

Noticing: How quickly people change.

Knowing: That all will be well. I will still keep telling myself that.

Thinking: About mother dearest who is away on a work retreat. I have been her unofficial nurse for over a month now and for her to travel without anyone coming along to help her out is really frightening me but she’s gotten stronger over her recovery period, so I know she will be fine. I can’t help but worry sometimes though.

Feeling: Bitter Sweet.

Bookmarking: @CarolineMutoko’s YouTube page. Her videos are so very insightful!

Opening: My water bottle… Still can’t get 1 litre down, sigh.

Giggling: At my brother @tom_odero. He is a lot to handle in one tall skinny package lol.

Touring Dubai

Ola Folks!

Happy New Year and all that good stuff. 2015 already feels amazing and we are only what, 7 days in? 7 is my lucky number so hey, guess it’s a good sign! Not much talk on this post but I want to update you on my recent travel escapades during the holiday season, its been a jam packed one this time, think one of the best Christmas holidays I have had in a very long time.

Yes people, it’s about time for another pictorial:) I got an opportunity to visit the United Arab Emirates, particularly Dubai and Abu dhabi for Christmas, thank you so much mum, best holiday ever! Dubai is tres amazing, so much culture all in one place and a lot of fun as well. We were only there for 5 days so the itinerary was full of tourist to-do list stuff every day and being my adventurous self, I took some random tours of my own… I learnt from the best about #LivingLikeAlocal… s/o to @CollegeTourist for the life lesson, so adapting to the city’s way of life wasn’t so challenging.

Some fun facts about Dubai guys:

  1. Home to the Tallest building in the world – The Burj Khalifa
  2. Home to the 1st ever 7 star hotel
  3. Dubai issues out 16,000 visas per day! Damn…
  4. 900 flights in & out of the Dubai airport daily
  5. Over 200 nationalities can be found in Dubai on any given day
  6. Home to one of the biggest malls in the world – The Dubai Mall
  7. It is the fastest growing desert country in the world

I’ll let the pictures to the rest of the talking… I will add this though… Dubai made me fall in love with hummus! Anyone who knew me from college knows how much I detested hummus, but had so much of it in Dubai that I crave it now haha.. weird I know.

Desert Safari


Le Brother fell asleep during the desert safari lol


Desert Siblings!




Downtown waiting to catch a bus




Downtown Dubai


This Cake is called The Blackout Cake… I’m sure you can tell why by the size. @Cheesecakefactory tried to kill me with this one

Loved Dubai and all it had to offer, will definitely make a point to go back and explore some more! Quick tip for anyone going there, take the metro wherever you go, much easier, cheaper than a cab and most metro stations connect to major malls and buildings all over the city so not much walking involved. 
I ended my year with a short trip down to the coast with some friends which was also an amazing time, but that pictorial will be saved for another time. My wanderlusting appetite was really satisfied in 2014. I had planned to only travel to ONE country (Tanzania) as that’s all I could afford, ended up going to 3 more countries, Zanzibar, the US, and UAE all in a few months time! This proved to me that traveling wherever you wanna go is not impossible at all, you just have to make it happen for yourself and it will. 
2015 is here and yet again I have one country in mind (my goal is to travel to one place I have never been every year) but I won’t limit myself to that one because who knows what’s in store???
Happy new year once again and hope you all achieve everything you have set out for the year and so much more.


Taking Stock – Five

Making: Christmas card lists. Yes people, I’m that person who still sends out Christmas cards and I love it! #TeamTraditional:)

Cooking: Haven’t cooked much since taking up the Thanksgiving dinner challenge.. After a spread like that, I’m all cooked out for a while!

Drinking: Water, not enough of it though, need to up my intake

Reading: Zane’s ‘Addicted’. It’s quite something…

Wanting: An iPhone 6. Also the new Zen Garden Cookbook… Just saying, incase anyone wants to know what I want for Christmas.

Looking: At my travel bucketlist and really trying to figure out how I shall make all that happen!

Playing: With my hair – bad habit

Wasting: A lot of time in traffic. I can’t even begin my traffic rants here, they will never stop. Driving in Nairobi can be pure hell sometimes.

Sewing Creating: That sewing word needed to go because I don’t think there will ever be a time that I will be sewing… so created a new word:)

Wishing: We could close for the holidays already! Last week at work and it’s dragging so much

Enjoying: My #NoMondayBlues playlist, my iTunes was pretty well-behaved today, haven’t skipped a song once all day!

Waiting: For 6pm.. Hometime!

Liking: The fact that I am actually happy to see the year end, usually Im never ready! 2015 I’m ready for you.

Wondering: What adventures await me next year, God be gentle please, this year has been more than a roller-coaster ride.

Loving: Once Upon A Time this season, the producers have really up’d their game this time. Also finally started loving How To Get Away With Murder. Shonda you lost me in the beginning but you slowly reeled me back in, kudos:)

Hoping: For a more fulfilling year next year. I have done a lot more than I thought I would this year, so far so good. Also… more and more travel, I can’t say that enough!

Marvelling: At my level of patience with some things and some people.

Needing: A cup of tea. 5pm is tea time.

Smelling: That wonderful smell of a brand new book while you turn every page… Weird, I know.

Wearing: Leggings, sweater top… cold/warm/rainy days in Nairobi call for a comfy dress code.

Following: @worldwanderlust for the wanderlusterer in me!

Noticing: The constant negativity in the news lately.. both at home and internationally, we need to do better people.

Knowing: That I am going to have one of the best December holidays yet this year, so ready for it!

Thinking: About dinner. Hunger pangs have struck, I need to go home

Feeling: Great! And on a Monday nonetheless, guess it’s that holiday spirit in the air:)

Bookmarking: Not much of late but you all need to check out the UP Magazine website! (shameless work plug)

Opening: The EatOut Kenya website to register for my Yummy card… #foodieproblems don’t judge me haha. You know you want one if you are a foodie like me but can’t really afford eating out all the time. Sign up here>>> http://eatout.co.ke/card (also shameless plug)

Giggling: At my 4yr old cousin’s efforts in trying to teach me how to make loom band bracelets, kids these days goodness… And I thought I was crafty

Feeling: Like we all need to be in the holiday spirit, I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas and an even better New year!

#TembeaKenya – Pictorial 6

Been more than a minute!

So being back in the motherland has prompted me to want to travel more locally and experience Kenya for the beautiful country that it is! The past few weekends have been filled with random hiking trips, long drives and visits to parts of Nairobi and Kenya in general that I never thought I would ever go to before… Never say never guys.

First up we have an extremely random drive up to Machakos that my friends @mumodotexe and @TishJr convinced me to come along on.. visiting Kamba land with two of the coolest Kambas I know = funtimes! I didn’t take as many pictures of the place as I should have, but I know there’s going to be a next time, yes @sonniekbby?? haha..

Next… Hiking Ngong Hills. This was the smart idea of my ever bubbly @Abbakidenda. Never listening to her crazy ideas again until I know I’m fit enough to participate haha. Here I was thinking Ngong Hills can’t be that bad if I’ve hiked icy mountains in Southern California right?? WRONG. Those hills were no joke for little old me but I’m glad I pushed myself to complete all 7 even though I wanted to kill someone half the time lol.. Stay fit guys, it’s highly important.


View from the top! Kajiado County


The windmill farm is located right at the bottom of the hills, such majestic machines.



@Abbakidenda – the true Cocacola ambassador


Because when you’re climbing 7 hills you must take a breather on a tree


By far the fittest person I have ever met… dude was also smoking and having a tusker the entire 22km btw – guys meet Andrew, one of the guides. He does this almost every weekend, next month he will climb Mt Kenya!


The feeling when you are done is so indescribable! Hopefully this picture speaks volumes lol



Hiking buddies!


Last trek!

Last but not least… this past weekend. @sonniekbby and I woke up after a night out on the town.. read – a night at Qz lol.. and we decided to go get some lunch, chill out, enjoy a sunny saturday. Until she suggests we should go for a drive. I didn’t see why not so fast forward 2 hrs after calling up the crew and what do you know.. we are out on the deserted but particularly serene streets of Kiambu, Tigoni and Limuru. Kenya is really beautiful… We took in the sights of the area and the tea farms that produce the best tea in the world. Yes, Kenyan tea is the best tea in the world, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It was a nice way to spend an afternoon. Definitely need to do more out of Nairobi city drives.

Thanks for stopping by. More pictorials shall come if I get to travel again before the year ends, so far I’ve been quite the local wanderlusterer!