Writer’s block

30 day blogging challenge – Part 1

Two posts in less than a week?? I did promise y’all I would be more focused now so yay:) I came across a blogging challenge on twitter from the @AfroBloggers account. 30 days, 30 different topics to cover to help one either start a blog or in my case – restart blogging and I decided to do it in a different way. Instead of prolonging the actual writing process I intend on doing by rolling out 30 posts throughout this month on the prompts given on the challenge… I’ll cover those prompts here, summarize a bit so it’s not an entire novel and get both of us reacquainted with each other in half the time! I hear cheers in the imaginary crowd in my head so I’ll just go ahead and start.


Of Valentines, Vegas… and writers block.

I couldn’t find another V word to go with the title, lol…
No excuse for my absence folks except the inevitable writers block that kicks in from time to time. Funny thing is.. it hasn’t hit in the longest time, and it has never taken this long of a period to disappear. I fear I am losing my touch. I fear I am losing my mind sometimes actually.
Anyways, lemme recap the past few weeks, month?? I don’t even know how long it has been. First things first.. VEGAS. Rugby is fast becoming one of my favorite sports… (don’t worry basketball, u will always be my one tru love) but yeah.. the hype that surrounds this game is CRAZY. The men who play this sport.. even CRAZIER. The parties that come after these tournaments… CRAZIEST. I must admit, I did not even get the time nor the energy to attend even ONE game, lol.. Certified Party Rockers, I blame you for keeping me out all night.. and all morning too! My thighs have never been exposed to such intense movement constantly 3 nights in a row.. THE SORENESS WAS UNBELIEVABLE. Clearly it had been a while since I had partied that hard. but all in all it was nice, it was fun, it was an experience. All you Kenyans who think 7s in Nairobi is a good time.. you ain’t seen nothing yet. Kenyans take over Vegas, literally during rugby season, gotta love my peoples:) 2013, we do it all over again, bigger and go harder, cannot wait! and it will be my last one too, as I graduate that year.. boo:(

2ndly, Valentine’s day. I don’t even know why I am giving this day its own paragraph when I absolutely despise it. Valentine’s day is overrated in my own opinion. I used to be a sucker for it even before I knew the meaning of true love because I was young and foolish… and plain old silly romantic, lol.. I am older and hopefully much WISER now and I beg to differ when people say that it’s an important day in the calendar… ‘to show your significant other how special they are’????? what about the other 364.1/4 days?? you don’t show your appreciation for them then?? I pity your girlfriend/boyfriend if he/she has to wait for this one day to see whether you will do anything special or not. I won’t lie that since I am in a relationship my self, I did get caught up in the spirit for like a MILLISECOND but stopped myself before I could scoff down one more Hershey’s kiss. No offense to anyone who lives for this day, but society has made it a bit too meaningless, it has lost its touch, its magic, its entity. All it is is just another holiday, another reason to spend money, another reason for men to be thankful to be single, lol… I love my boyfriend though, just wanted to put that out there, love him the same way each and every day, Valentines day is no different:)

School… school is school. Hoping to be a fully fledged graphic designer by the end of this semester. And a writer and an event planner all at once. It can happen! lol..
Ever think about the future, like now more than ever?? like me?? it has been on my mind for a very long time and I don’t know if it’s a sign or an omen… so many questions and thoughts swirling in my head, feel like I should get my very own pensieve to pour them into and never have to think about them again. Unless I need to. ION, Im back into my reading habits again, YAY! I haven’t read an actual book/novel in practically a year. Not because I do not want to but because of lack of time or just plain laziness sometimes. Yes, I do admit that sometimes I found it a chore and I hated myself for it, I wanted to be the bookworm again, I wanted to be buried in a story so deep that I forget the entire world around me; and I did. It felt so good to be back where I belong, in a fictional world, in a dream, to escape if only for just a while. I recommend you all to read ‘A Beggar at the Gate’ by Thalassa Ali. Amazing read, really good book.

So its finally the weekend and the only thing I am anticipating for is the next episode of vampire diaries and grey’s anatomy that comes on tonight. When you go to school where I go to school, you ONLY have the little things to keep you happy. Just a few more months D, just a few more months… #needtokeepSane!
I know this post had no deep seated message and all, but I’ll get my groove back.. hopefully soon, I literally feel like someone cursed me and took my zeal to write away from me:-( I think this is the reason I can never fully start a book, I’ll never complete it. or maybe I will but never have it published.
oh well, enough mindless jabber..